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Adobe Releases Updates and New Apps at Adobe Max 2019

Adobe released new apps and updates to all their applications at Adobe Max 2019 this morning. Here are the details on their audio and video apps.

LTO Has Had a Hard Year

Due to an extreme shortage of LTO-8 tape, the growth of LTO stalled during 2019. The tape situation is now resolved, which means we can look forward to being able to archive our assets, as this article explains.

Match Foley or Audio Effects to Video in Final Cut Pro X

An illustrated tutorial on how to spot (locate) sound effects using Apple Final Cut Pro X.

Compare Real-World Speed: i5 vs. i7

A detailed look at the speed differences between a Mac i5 vs i7 system for video compression into H.264 or HEVC codecs. The results are surprising!

Apple Updates the Pro Video Codecs [u]

Apple updated its Pro Video codecs. These are of value to all editors, but you can’t upgrade to them using the Mac App Store. Here’s how.

Software Update – Wait For It

Software Update often displays extra update options – if you wait for it.

First Look: Lesspain Software Updates Kyno [u]

Lesspain Software update Kyno to version 1.7.1, which now supports Windows, as well as finding and converting older media that is not compatible with macOS Catalina. Here are more details.

Final Cut Pro X: The Basics of Roles

An illustrated tutorial of using Roles in Apple Final Cut Pro X to label, organize and display titles and audio clips.

How Changing Video Frame Rate Affects File Size

A look at the impact changing video frame rates has on storage requirements.

Problems Between macOS Catalina and Promise RAIDs

Promise Pegasus RAIDs are causing problems when trying to run Windows 10 under macOS Catalina. Read here for the details.

Compression Speed Test: Apple Compressor vs. Adobe Media Encoder

Apple released the latest version of Compressor (4.4.5) last Monday. One of the key features in the update was improved performance. Since all of us rely on compression to deliver our final projects, I wanted to see how much improvement …

Final Cut Pro X: Tuning for Extreme Performance

A new GPU selection feature in Final Cut Pro X positions it to take full advantage of the horsepower in the new, 2019 Mac Pro. Plus, if you are running a MacBook Pro with an eGPU, you need to read this.

The Brave New World of 8K Media

The brave new world of 8K media requires a beefy computer, like the new 2019 Mac Pro. But, the hidden cost – and major surprise – is what 8K media requires in your storage. Here’s an overview of what to expect.

Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor for the 2019 Mac Pro

Apple updates Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor to support the 2019 Mac Pro. Here are the details.

Final Cut Pro X: Secrets of the Timeline Index

The Timeline Index, in Final Cut Pro X, has a variety of little-known features that make it invaluable on medium-to-large project edits. Here’s what you need to know.

Shoot 25 fps Video on iPhones?

An explanation of why iPhones don’t shoot 25 or 50 frames per second video.

Get Ready for MacOS Catalina

Within just a few weeks, most likely this month, Apple will release the latest version of the MacOS – Catalina. First introduced at WWDC last June, this is the latest incarnation of OS X. There are three critical things you …

Premiere Pro CC: Fast Ways to Export Movie Segments

Three different ways to quickly export a section of a movie from Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Final Cut Pro X: A Secret Tip to Faster Exports

Here’s a REALLY fast way to export multiple segments from the same clip – or movie.

A Custom-Built 6K Shooting Setup for Blackmagic Design Cameras

A user-writeup of a custom shooting rig for the Blackmagic Design 6K Pocket Cinema Camera.