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First Look: Rampant Design Tools: FCPX Essentials

If you are looking for ways to take pristine action footage and make it look like its been through the wars, you need to check out what you can do with Rampant Design’s FCP X Essentials.

FCP X: Why Files Won’t Relink

An explanation of what may be wrong when Final Cut Pro X won’t relink to a file.

FCP X: Using and Importing iXML Audio Names

An illustrated example of what iXML audio files are, how they’re used in field production, and how they’re imported and displayed in Final Cut Pro X.

Product Review: OWC Envoy Pro mini

A look at the new Envoy Pro mini SSD drive from OWC; with an extended look at how data transfer speeds are dramatically affected by the devices you are transferring between.

Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor

Apple updated Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor. Here’s a list of what’s new.

FCP X: Create a Multi-Image Effect (Quad-Split)

An illustrated tutorial of a “simple effect,” in Final Cut Pro X: displaying multiple images on screen at the same time and wiping between them. This shows how to use the Transform settings and compound clips.

December 2016 Articles You May Have Missed

Articles you may have missed during the holidays, with a special emphasis on the 2016 MacBook Pro.

Premiere Pro CC: Animate a Title Through an Image

An illustrated tutorial on how to use crop and masking to animate a title appearing through a separate video clip.

FCP X: Animate a Title Through a Background

An illustrated tutorial showing how to use crop or Draw Mask in Final Cut Pro X to reveal a title clip in the middle of a background. Simple, but very effective.

Illustrating 3-Point Lighting [video]

In this short video, Larry Jordan illustrates with examples and diagrams what the term “3-point Lighting” refers to and the impact adding different lights at different angles has on creating a specific look or mood for your talent.

Configure the New MacBook Pro to P3 Color Space

An illustrated explanation of what DCI P3 color space is, and how to configure a 2016 MacBook Pro to display it.

Motion 5: Introduction to Particle Effects

An illustrated introduction to creating animated particle effects in Motion 5.

Configure a MacBook Pro for Video Editing [u]

An explanation of the various configuration options for the 2016 MacBook Pro, along with recommendations on what to buy if you are on a budget.

Is The 2016 MacBook Pro Fast Enough for Video Editing? [u]

An in-depth, illustrated and measured test of the new MacBook Pro to see how fast it really is for video editing using real-world tests with Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Product Review: OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual Mini

A detailed, illustrated look at the new Mercury Elite Pro Dual Mini storage system from OWC, featuring portability, SSD drives and USB-C connections.

Using the Touch Bar in Final Cut Pro X

A detailed, illustrated look at the new Touch Bar in Final Cut Pro X. What it is, how it works and how to use it.

FTP Automatically From Apple Compressor to the Web

A step-by-step, illustrated tutorial on how to create an Automator action to automatically FTP compressed files from Apple Compressor.

First Look: Audio Network Production Music

A first, in-depth, look at Audio Networks. High-quality production music with flexible licenses.

The Current State of HDR in Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC [video]

In this short video, Larry Jordan explains the current state of HDR (High Dynamic Range) media in both Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. He explains where we are now and where we are headed.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Create Multicam Clips Containing Different Frame Sizes [ video ]

In this short video, Larry Jordan explains how to create a multicam clip in Adobe Premiere Pro CC using video clips of different frame sizes that still allows reframing and repositioning of the higher resolution media once its edited into the Timeline.