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We use video to tell stories and the best stories touch our emotions. However, all too often, we overlook a powerful tool that can influence our emotions: fonts.

In this session, host Larry Jordan, looks at fonts and how to use them more effectively in conveying emotions and information for your video projects. Whether you are a video editors or graphics designer, fonts are a powerful tool to trigger an emotional response in an audience.

This session covers:

  • Understanding the basic font families
  • Drop shadows and blend modes
  • How fonts influence emotions
  • What to look for when choosing a font
  • Examples of good and bad font usage

For this session, Larry will use Photoshop to illustrate how to work with fonts. However the information he covers extends equally well to any video editing software.


This beginning-level session does not require any software knowledge and applies equally well to anyone using fonts in any application on Windows or Mac.

NOTE: There will be only one presentation this week!

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