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Working with Stills in
Adobe Premiere Pro


Wednesday —  9:00 AM EST — March 15, 2023
Wednesday — 12:00 PM EST — March 15, 2023

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Still photographs and graphics are a common component in many edits. From maps to titles to old photos, editors often need to bring still images to life.

In this session, Larry Jordan shows what you need to know to make still images look as good as they can in Adobe Premiere Pro. Topics include:

  • Improve the look of scanned images
  • Demo of SilverFast 9 scanning software
  • Still image specs for best results in video
  • Three key AI-based Photoshop tools that magically improve images
  • Demo of to enhance and up-rez images
  • Import and scale images in Premiere Pro
  • Animate stills in Premiere Pro
  • Animate an object to follow a map


This is an intermediate-level session. Some knowledge of Premiere Pro will be helpful in understanding this material.

Everyone is welcome! Best of all, registration is FREE!!

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