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Wednesday —  9:00 AM — July 28, 2021
Wednesday — 12:00 PM — July 28, 2021

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One of Larry’s favorite sessions returns with “Ask Larry Anything.” This is a free-form conversation about, well, anything you want to ask. Bring your questions and Larry will do his best to answer them. Or… don’t bring any questions and we’ll just sit in companionable silence for 45 minutes or so.

By the way, it helps a LOT if you give Larry a chance to research the answer and put together a demo. Please email your questions to – – before the event. He always answers emailed questions first.

These sessions are always interesting and, best of all, registration is free.

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The content for these sessions ranges from basic to advanced. Don’t worry, though. If you can’t follow the current discussion, it will change in a few minutes. This session is delivered via a web browser. Just sit back, enjoy and learn something new.

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