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Using High-End Media

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FINAL CUT PRO X: THURSDAY, 9:00 AM, July 18, 2019

ADOBE PREMIERE: THURSDAY, 9:00 AM, July 25, 2019

All times are Los Angeles PDT.


RAW, sLog, HDR, 12-bit, 16-bit…

What are all these different video formats and how do you work with them in Final Cut or Premiere? It’s easy to get confused.

Well, I’ve been asking myself those same questions for a while now. So, I created two different sessions to answer these questions: one for Final Cut (July 18) and the other for Premiere (July 25).

I borrowed two key cameras for the summer – Panasonic and Blackmagic Design – to experiment for myself and share what I’ve learned. My goals for these sessions are to explain:

  • What these video formats are
  • How to pick the right format for your next project
  • The system implications in using these formats
  • How to work with them in Premiere Pro CC

If you’ve wanted to learn more about these formats, or have been working with them for a while and have questions, pick the session that covers the NLE you use the most and come join us!


This is an advanced-level session. Some knowledge of video formats in general and either Final Cut Pro X or Premiere will be helpful – though not required – to make the most of this session. All you need to watch is a web browser.

NOTE: We recommend you use either Safari or Chrome to view this webinar. Firefox seems to have problems playing audio.

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