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Audio Mixing in
Adobe Audition


Wednesday —  9:00 AM EDT — May 31, 2023
Wednesday — 12:00 PM EDT — May 31, 2023

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Frequently, audio mixes require more power tools than are available in either Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro. This session shows how to take your audio to the next level using Adobe Audition.

Join Larry Jordan as he shows how to:

  • Move projects from Final Cut to Audition
  • Move sequences from Premiere to Audition
  • Explore the Audition interface
  • Repair audio problems
  • Organize clips and tracks
  • Set and measure audio levels
  • Mix an interview
  • Mix a dramatic project
  • Apply effective track-based effects
  • Send finished audio back to Final Cut Pro
  • Send finished audio back to Premiere Pro

When you have a complex video project, the best thing to do is move it into an audio application designed for complex mixes. Adobe Audition will help your projects sound their best.


This advanced-level session assumes no familiarity with Adobe Audition. All you need to watch this presentation is a web browser.

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NOTE: We recommend you use either Safari or Chrome to view this webinar. Firefox may to have problems with audio.

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