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Review: Datacolor SpyderX Elite [u]

The DataColor SpyderX Elite calibrates computer monitors for accurate color. It is easy to use, but has limited tutorial, limited help, and was not able to match colors between two monitors attached to the same computer.

FCP X: Create Illustrated Lectures Using Video and Keynote or PowerPoint

An illustrated tutorial on how to create a video including a lecturer with PowerPoint or Keynote slides, using Apple Final Cut Pro X.

Avid Releases Guides and Licenses for Working at Home

Avid releases two guides for working at home, along with free licenses students, educators and working professionals. Read the details here.

Web Streaming Primer

Live web streaming ranges from the very simple to the highly complex. The key factor is audio. Here’s a summary of options, plus a ton of links to help you do your own research.

Create a Seamless Animated Video Loop in Apple Motion

A simple example showing how to create a seamless animated video loop using Apple Motion.

Adobe: Best Practices Guide for Working Remotely

Adobe published a guide to working remotely using Creative Cloud tools. Here’s the information and a link.

Do We Change the World or Does the World Change Us?

Thoughtful reflections from Bill Goetz, news videographer, on how change changes us.

Adversity Provides Opportunity

Everyone around us is scared, isolated and feeding on rumors. In spite of it all, there’s hope. And we have the technology and the skills to provide it. Ask your clients what you can do to help. Here are some ideas.

FCP X: Export the Best Image Quality Using ProRes

How to retain the highest image quality when exporting media from Apple Final Cut Pro X.

FINALLY! Burn Blu-Ray Discs Using Final Cut Pro X

Burning Blu-ray Discs is possible on a Mac, but bugs in Apple Final Cut Pro X make creating Blu-rays harder than it should be. Read the workarounds here.

What Is Color Temperature?

Color temperature is the measure of the perceived color of white light on a scale from warm (gold) to cool (bluish). We work with it every day in lighting. Here are some interesting facts about it that you may not know.

How to Transfer Videos From Mac to iPad

A quick, step-by-step process to transfer videos from a Mac to an iPad.

Thoughts on Afterburner, 2019 Mac Pro ProRes GPU [u]

This is a detailed look at Apple’s Afterburner card for the 2019 Mac Pro. This explains what it is, what it does and when to considering buying it.

Final Cut Pro X: Create Favorite Effects & Folders

An illustrated tutorial on how to create custom effects along with custom folders to store them in for Apple Final Cut Pro X.

Easy Fly-Through Text Effect in Motion 5

A step-by-step illustrated tutorial on how to fly through text to discover the video beneath it using Motion 5.

iPhone Video File Sizes

This is a table of updated file sizes for all iPhone video formats, based on frame size and frame rate. Use these to plan your storage needs.

Premiere Pro CC: Create a Cast Shadow

An illustrated tutorial on how to create cast shadows using green-screen footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Final Cut Pro X: Create a Cast Shadow

Final Cut can create cast shadows, especially with green screen footage. Here’s how to create them, along with tricks to make backgrounds look more believable.

Final Cut Pro X: Create a Tilt-Shift Blur

Apple Final Cut Pro X has a tilt-shift focus effect built-into it – but you won’t find it under that name. Here’s what it is and how it works.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Sync Double-system Sound

Double-system sound is where you record the video on one device (a video camera, for example), while the audio is recorded on a separate device (such as a digital audio recorder). Many DSLR and video cameras don’t have high-quality audio …