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How to Open, Switch Between, or Close Multiple Projects in Final Cut Pro

Apple Final Cut Pro supports having more than one project open at once, even though only the active project is displayed. Here’s how to open, switch between and close one or more projects inside FCP.

Stabilize Shaky Video Footage Using Adobe Premiere Pro

As we increasingly move to hand-held cameras, shaky shots are a fact of life. The Warp Stabilizer effect in Adobe Premiere Pro is a great way to keep your audience involved in your story without them losing their lunch. Here’s how to use it effectively.

Stabilize Shaky Video Footage Using Apple Final Cut Pro

Shaky video footage can cause an audience to get motion sick watching your program. Fortunately, Apple Final Cut Pro provides three ways to smooth shaky footage. Here’s an illustrated tutorial on how these work.

A Question of Editorial Ethics

What are the ethics of taking a job that proves to be dishonest? What if you really need the money? How do you decide? Here’s a real-world example – and I’m interested in your comments.

Top Twelve Media Tutorials for 2022

Here are the twelve most popular media tutorials on the website for 2022. These include links and short article descriptions. Each of these generated tens of thousands of views.

Top Ten Media Tutorials for December, 2022

Here are the top ten media tutorials on the website for Dec. 2022. These include links and short article descriptions.

Compare Speed Differences Between 2-, 3-, and 4-Drive SSD RAIDS

Here are some real-world speed tests of 2-, 3-, and 4-drive SSD RAIDs using the OWC Thunderblade. Speeds are fast, but none fully fill a Thunderbolt 3/4 connection. Still, they are more than fast enough for almost all editing.

Review: iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac – Strong Recovery, Weak Interface

iBoysoft Data Recovery for the Mac brings missing files back to life. It does so for a wide range of files and devices. But the interface is flaky, core features are unreliable, and the entire application needs someone to pay much closer attention to it. Here’s Larry Jordan’s review.

Review: Synology WRX 560 Wireless Router – Speed & Power with Complexity

The Synology WRX 560 Wireless Router is fast, powerful and amazingly flexible. It is designed for networks that need lots of controls. But, installation is a challenge.

UPDATED: SSD and ExFAT Speeds are Much Slower in macOS Ventura & Reformatting Drives is Trickier

macOS Ventura is significantly (masses of megabytes!) slower than macOS Monterey for both ExFAT- and APFS-formatted SSD drives. No one know why. Worse, formatting drives is now harder than before. Here are the details.

The Upgrade to macOS Ventura Went Fine – Mostly

If you are wondering whether it is time to upgrade, 13.1 is a good place to start. Just give yourself time to get everything sorted once the upgrade is complete. Here’s a detailed look at what to do, the problems I ran into and links for more information.

How to Read and Interpret Video Scopes [v]

“Ask Larry Anything!” is a free-form conversation about video editing technology.In this short tutorial, Larry Jordan illustrates how to read the video scopes inside Apple Final Cut Pro and, by extension, Adobe Premiere Pro, because they share similar scopes. He also provides a table describing where to set skin tones to make people on camera look “normal.”

How Fast Does Video Editing Storage Need to Be? [v]

“Ask Larry Anything!” is a free-form conversation about video editing technology. In this short tutorial, Larry Jordan illustrates real-world speeds for SSDs and RAIDs, along with details on how much storage speed we actually need for editing video smoothly. The answers will surprise you.

Real-World Speed Tests for Different SSD RAID Levels

This tutorial measures and illustrates the difference in speeds between different RAID levels. These tests apply to both SSD and HDD RAIDs. It also makes clear which RAID level you should use for your storage.

For Video Editing Storage – How Fast is Fast Enough? [u]

How fast does our storage need to be to edit video successfully? In other words: How fast is “fast enough?” Surprising, the answer is: Not as fast as you think. Here’s what you need to know.

Accurately Determining Storage Speeds Seems Impossible

Measuring the speed of storage is an exercise in futility for a whole lot of reasons. Here’s what you need to know when you want to measure the speed of your system.

How to Create or Delete a RAID Using Apple Disk Utility

Here are the step-by-step instructions for creating or deleting a multi-disk RAID 0 or RAID 1 storage system using Apple’s Disk Utility, which ships with every Mac.

Review: OWC Thunderblade SSD RAID. Really Fast, But Not as Fast as You Can Imagine

The OWC Thunderblade is a four-blade SSD RAID with speeds that more than meet the needs of virtually all video editors or audio mixers. This thing is plenty fast – the trick is figuring out exactly HOW fast. Read a detailed product review from Larry Jordan.

For YouTube, Ads Matter More than Video Quality – or Communication

YouTube is a mixed blessing for media creators. Massive audience, but heaven help you if you have problems. Tony experienced this first hand with a phony copyright claim for licensed music on his video.

Tips to Maximize the Speed of SoftRAID and SSD RAIDs for Macs

The speed our storage transfers data, is surprisingly variable and complex, especially regarding SSDs, RAIDs and Thunderbolt. In this conversation with Tim Standing, from OWC, learn what limits the speed of Thunderbolt storage and what you can do to maximize it.