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New! Simplify Sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro (v22)

New to the latest (v22) version of Adobe Premiere Pro is “Simplify Sequence.” This allows you to remove empty tracks, disable clips with specific labels, and remove markers, or other user-specified elements. Larry Jordan illustrates how this works in this tutorial.

50 Hidden Keyboard Shortcuts for Premiere Pro

I’m a keyboard shortcut junkie. Many editors can edit happily and well using only the mouse. I am not one of them. Here’s a list of 50 hidden keyboard shortcuts that make editing, trimming and navigation in Adobe Premiere Pro a LOT faster.

New Features in Adobe Premiere Pro (Oct. 2021)

Last week, as part of Adobe MAX, Adobe released a flock of new features and improvements to Premiere Pro. Here’s a summary of what’s new.

The New Watch Folders in Apple Compressor 4.6 [v]

Recently, Apple updated Compressor to version 4.6, where a highlighted feature is automated Watch Folders. In this video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how these work and how you can use them to automate compression of video, audio or still images exported from any media application.

The New Neon Text Effect in Apple Motion 5.6 [v]

Recently, Apple updated Motion to version 5.6, where one of the highlighted features is a new neon text effect. In this video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how this works and how you can add an effect to make it look even better.

The New Object Tracking in Apple Final Cut Pro 10.6 [v]

Recently, Apple updated Final Cut Pro to version 10.6 where one of the big new features is object tracking. In this video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how this works and how it compares to the same feature in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Apple Compressor 4.6 Now Supports Watch Folders

Watch Folders are an important new feature in Apple Compressor 4.6 that can speed your workflow. Here’s an illustrated tutorial on how they work.

The New Object Tracker in Apple Final Cut Pro 10.6.1 [u]

Here’s an illustrated tutorial on how to use the new Object Tracker in Apple Final Cut Pro 10.6 to move text in sync with an element in the background. (Updated with improvement released with the FCP 10.6.1 update.)

Apple Updates Final Cut Pro, Motion & Compressor

On Oct. 18, 2021, Apple updated Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor. Here’s a complete list what’s new and what’s fixed, based on Apple’s release notes.

Configure a 2021 M1 MacBook Pro for Video Editing

Apple released new MacBook Pro laptops featuring high-performance Apple silicon chips. Given all the options, here are Larry Jordan’s recommendations for the best system for your budget.

Final Cut Pro: Working with Proxies in Multicam Clips

Final Cut makes working with proxies extremely easy. The challenge, as Wes discovered, is what happens when you are working with multicam footage at a much larger size. Here’s the workflow.

First Look: Yamaha HS5 Monitor Speakers

The sound these monitors produce is very clean, crisp and rich that fills the space. If you are looking for accurate, high-quality sound in a small space, give these Yamaha monitor speakers a good listen. Larry Jordan has a review.

Introduction to Fixing Color Problems Using the Video Scopes in Final Cut Pro [v]

“Ask Larry Anything,” is a free-form conversation about subjects related to editing. In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan illustrates the two key video scopes in Apple Final Cut Pro, how to read them and how to use them to fix color problems like color casts and dark exposure levels.

LTO Tape Archiving Explained [v]

“Ask Larry Anything,” is a free-form conversation about subjects related to editing. In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan explains what an LTO tape drive is, the differences between LTO generations, recommendations for LTO software and how media creators can use this technology to safely archive their media and projects for decades.

LTO Generation 9 Tape Drives Released – Stores Up To 18 TB per Tape

The latest version of LTO – generation 9 – is now available. Storing 18 TB / tape, and archiving faster than generation 8, here’s a quick overview of the new version of archiving technology.

Insert Video Into 3D Text Using Apple Motion

An illustrated tutorial on how to put different video inside each 3D text letter, while still keeping the 3D effect. This effect has multiple uses and lots of creative options to play with it, once the basic effect is created.

Adobe Releases Auto-Tone: AI-driven Automatic Color Correction

Adobe introduces Auto Tone in the beta version of Adobe Premiere Pro. Here’s a description of what this new automatic color correction tool does.

YouTube: Filmmakers Presumed Guilty Until (Maybe) Proven Innocent

By default, YouTube takes down any video that uses music challenged for copyright infringement. The problem is that many of those charges are fake. Even when filmmakers purchase the correct music rights, YouTube makes it very, very difficult to overcome a copyright objection. Anthony Fleming has a first-hand report.

Product Review: OWC Envoy Pro FX SSD – One Smokin’ Fast Drive

The OWC Envoy Pro FX SSD delivers performance, compatibility and ruggedness. It is also smokin’ fast. It supports both Mac and Windows computers and provides storage from 240 GB to 2 TB. Here’s my review.

VPNs are Not Enough

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. While VPNs are used extensively, they may not be as secure as you think. DH2i has something better.