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The Basics of Using Apple Compressor

Apple Compressor is a stand-alone, Mac-based program that compresses audio and video into a variety of formats for distribution. Long derided for its slow speed and poor image quality, since the release of Apple silicon Macs, upgrades have dramatically improved its speed and quality. Here’s how it works.

Final Cut Pro v. 10.6.10 Fixes Major Bugs

Apple released Final Cut Pro version 10.6.10, which fixed two major bugs. Here are the details and new features.

Use Final Cut Pro Placeholders to Create Useful Storyboards

Storyboards are a great way to help you think about a shot before getting on set. Here’s a great way to use placeholders in Final Cut Pro, along with Photoshop, to create simple – but flexible – storyboards.

Rotate a Composite Image in 3D in Apple Motion

I’m working on a project this week which requires adding a variety of over-the-shoulder images to narration. Since production hasn’t yet occurred, I have two options: Shoot a monitor on set Add the graphics later in post Since shooting a …

Being Playful: Lighting 3D Text in Final Cut Pro

3D text is exciting because of its depth and the variety of textures available for each surface. But the real excitement comes when you start to play with lighting. Here’s a simple tutorial on how this works.

New Features in Adobe Premiere Pro

Here’s a quick summary of all the latest features in Adobe Premiere Pro since June, 2023.

Caution: Don’t Hurry to Upgrade

This is the time of year for upgrades and new releases for Mac users. However, it is important to remember that our job is to get our work done – on time and with minimal stress. Don’t rush to upgrade – wait for software to settle down.

Requiem for PostScript, EPS and the Magic of Type 1 Fonts

Goodbye PostScript. You were a true star that built industries, redesigned the world and changed lives. You shall be missed. macOS Sonoma no longer support PostScript or EPS.

Why Am I Getting Black Frames in My Video?

Help needed: Robin is seeing black frames in his video which fail to export in Final Cut Pro 10.6.x and display severe artifacts in Premiere Pro. Why is this happening?

The Impact of AI on Media Production & Profits

AI is already having a dramatic impact on media creation and profits. Here’s a discussion between Philip Hodgetts and Clayton Moore that looks at the impact on our industry.

CAUTION: Final Cut Pro 10.6.9 Has a Serious Bug [fixed]

Yesterday’s update to Final Cut Pro breaks most FXFactory plugins. Caution is urged on updating. Here are the details, along with Release Notes for new versions of Final Cut Pro, Compressor and Motion.

How to Prevent or Repair Hard Drive “Data Rot”

Hard drives stored on a shelf can lose data over time. This simple macOS Terminal statement will restore and re-energize any hard drive.

Key Factors that Affect Computer Storage Performance

Interesting trivia on hard disks, SSDs, servers and LTO drives. The world will not end if you don’t read this, but you’ll enjoy it if you do.

Intel Announces Thunderbolt 5

This is a big deal for media creators: Intel announced Thunderbolt 5. Here are the details.

Syncing Double-System Audio After Clips are Edited in Final Cut Pro [v]

Normally, double-system sound needs to be synced before you start editing. But, if that’s not possible, Larry Jordan presents a way to sync clips after they are edited into the timeline.

How Much Computer Performance Do You Really Need For Video Editing[v]

Larry Jordan suggests some performance and hardware tips to consider when the time comes to upgrade your Apple computer.

Larry Jordan’s Thoughts on the Future of Apple Final Cut Pro [v]

With the pace of development slowing for Apple Final Cut Pro on the Mac, here are some of Larry Jordan’s thoughts on what he sees as its future.

Export Chapter Markers From Premiere Pro

Chapter markers first appeared as navigation for DVDs. Today, they are used in a wide variety of ways from YouTube to downloads. Here’s how to create them in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Explaining RAID “Chunk” Size and Which Size is Best for Media

RAID chunk size affects performance by determining the size of data blocks that are written to an SSD or HDD RAID. Here’s an explanation of chunk size with a recommendation of which size to choose when optimizing a RAID for media.

Review: OWC Jupiter Mini Server

The OWC Jupiter Mini server is a capable, cost-effective, general-purpose desktop server that, once you get it setup, provides high-speed performance with the ease-of-use that you expect from a server. Here’s my detailed review.