Meet Larry

Hi. They asked me to write a short bio about myself; so, here goes. I travel the world helping editors get work, improve their skills and keep clients happy. I’m a producer, director, editor, consultant and trainer and I’ve been doing this work for more than 40 years. I’ve worked at local TV stations, network television in the US, and created more corporate videos and audio podcasts than I can count.

I believe that technology is inherently confusing for many people. So I work hard, in my writing and training, to make technology less frightening and more understandable. (I also tell a lot of stories.) I love watching that light bulb go on when a student suddenly understands something they’ve been struggling with.

I’m based in Los Angeles and am a member of both the Directors Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America. As you’ll discover on this website, I’ve written thousands of technical articles – and eight books – on all facets of production and post-production. I also write and publish ‘Larry Jordan’s Free Weekly Adobe and Final Cut Newsletter’ – now in its eleventh year – which provides essential news and tutorials on a wide variety of audio and video editing software to tens of thousands of readers around the world.

This website is designed for you – to help you master the rapidly changing world of media and technology. In addition to this website, I’ve written eight books on editing, published by Peachpit Press and Focal Press. I’ve recorded hundreds of training videos and traveled the world conducting seminars, speaking at conferences, and providing one-on-one training.

I’m also the executive producer and host of the weekly interactive Internet radio show and podcast, Digital Production BuZZ, which covers everything you need to know about digital media, production, post-production and distribution now and in our digital future.

I wanted to let you know who I am, so you can understand that I’ve been there, done that, and want to help you build on what I know so you can create some amazingly wonderful things.

By the way, it takes a team of people to make all this possible. Take a look at the folks that work with me.

Training, Consulting and Great Advice

Larry provides a variety of training and consulting services, from email to phone to in-person visits. If you need expert guidance, or just need to make sure you’re headed in the right direction, Larry can help.

Check out the Training Library on our website to see all the options we make available to you.