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Premiere Pro CC: What the Heck Do These Image Options Mean?

An illustrated tutorial on weird, obscure settings at the bottom of the Sequence and Export dialogs in Premiere Pro that no one understands… and that you can’t find in the Adobe Help Files.

Premiere Pro CC: Convert Stereo to Dual-Channel Mono Audio

An illustrated tutorial on how to convert stereo audio to dual-channel mono for editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

FCP X: Create Library Templates

There are two ways to create Library templates for Final Cut Pro X. This illustrated tutorial describes both methods.

Premiere Pro CC: Understanding Libraries

The Library panel allows you to add and share media and assets between the various Adobe applications. While currently designed to enable still artists working with Photoshop, libraries can still be useful to video editors. This illustrated tutorial explains how.

Larry’s Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts [u]

About 200 of Larry Jordan’s favorite keyboard shortcuts for Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. (Available as two separate PDFs and formatted for both printing and reference.)

Using Blend Modes in Adobe Photoshop CC [video]

Blend modes allow us to add texture to text, change the look of clips, even create unusual and eye-catching effects. Blend modes exist in virtually every video and graphics editing application. In this short video Larry Jordan shows how to access, modify and use blend modes in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Compression Settings for Audio Files

A cookbook of compression settings for MP3 and MP4 audio files.

Convert Files From Soundtrack Pro to Adobe Audition CC

An illustrated tutorial on how to convert files from Apple Soundtrack Pro to Adobe Audition CC.

FCP X: Change the Interface

An illustrated tutorial on how to change the interface in Final Cut Pro X.

Motion 5: Simulate Reality

An illustrated tutorial on using simulations and movement in Motion 5.

Product Review: Shure MV51 Digital Microphone

A detailed look, with an audio sample, of the brand-new Shure MV51 digital microphone.

An HDR Workflow in Final Cut Pro X

An illustrated guide to editing HDR media in Final Cut Pro X.

Larry’s Thoughts on NAB 2016

NAB is always an exciting show – filled with new things to discover, explore or learn. While NAB can mark the start of a new industry revolution, this year’s show felt more evolutionary than revolutionary. Still, there was lots to see …

The Buzz at NAB 2016: Adobe Interview

Larry Jordan talks with Bill Roberts, Senior Director of Product Management, Adobe Systems, about Adobe’s latest news and updates to their Creative Cloud suite of programs.

The Buzz at NAB 2016: Ric Viers Interview

Larry Jordan talks with Ric Viers, Founder and CEO, BlastWave FX about why he created to teach how to record sound effects, then an in-depth discussion of the process Ric goes through to record high-quality sound effects.

The Buzz at NAB 2016: G-Technology

Larry Jordan talks with Greg Crosby, Worldwide Senior Product Line Manager, G-Technology, about their newest storage systems, plus a discussion of future storage technology and the difference between enterprise and desktop hard disks.

The Buzz at NAB 2016: Rampant Design Tools Interview

Larry Jordan talks with Sean Mullen, Lead Designer for Rampant Design Tools, about their newest effects packages, plus an in-depth discussion of how they created their most popular package: Lens Flares.

New Products at Show-Stoppers

A quick look at new products being announced at NAB 2016.

Behind-the-Scenes: The Buzz @ NAB 2016

A behind-the-scenes look at the setup and gear the Digital Production Buzz is using for its NAB 2016 live coverage.

Apple Compressor: Change Frame Rate

A detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to change the frame rate of video clips using Apple Compressor.