What’s New in Adobe Premiere Pro 24.0 (Oct. 2023)

Recently, Adobe released version 24.0 of Premiere Pro. Here’s what’s new.

5X faster timeline drawing

Skimming, editing, and trimming all move faster. (Playback speed, though, remains the same. Which is a good thing.)

New features in text-based editing

Delete all pauses indicated in a transcript with a single click. This cleans up the transcript text view. Also, you can now select which audio channel, or audio submix, to transcribe.

Simplified color settings and improved tone mapping

Color settings from five different preference panels are now consolidated into a single panel in Lumetri Color > Settings.

Automatically tag audio as dialogue, music, SFX or ambience

This means manually tagging individual clips is no longer necessary. (Automatic tags settings can still be changed, however.) As well, when you select a tag in the Essential Sound panel, all clips tagged with that category in the timeline are also selected.

Video effects manager for plugins

This makes it easy to identify, trouble-shoot, even disable problem plug-ins.

Custom project templates

Create a custom project template containing custom bins, media and sequences to save time creating similar projects. Adobe points out this is very useful for creating advertising video collateral.

Easily recover crashed projects

If a project crashes, you can quickly restore a previous version using the new File > Revert menu option.

Custom Export destinations are now saved for access across multiple sequences.

Customized export destinations are now saved globally and can be added, edited or shared.

Here’s the complete list of what’s new.

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