Warning: Premiere Pro (v24.0) Removes Video Tape Capture

This is – potentially – very important.

For most of us, video tape is consigned to the dustbin of history. However, not for all of us. For example, I got an email just yesterday from an editor needing to capture HDV media from tape.

For this reason I am specifically pointing out that the October, 2023, version of Premiere Pro (v.24) removes support for video tape capture.

Adobe writes:

“Support for tape-based workflows has been removed from Premiere Pro. While some users still use tape for archiving video content, the industry has moved towards all-digital workflows, which have advantages for media asset management, cloud workflows, and generally streamlining production.” (link)


If you need – or expect to need – to capture from video tape, you MUST retain any version of Premiere Pro earlier than version 24.0.

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5 Responses to Warning: Premiere Pro (v24.0) Removes Video Tape Capture

  1. Mark Suszko says:

    Two years ago, we had Premier based systems and were digitizing legacy analog media with a Black magic box and it’s own capture software, then feeding that to Premiere. Seems like Adobe is going backwards.

    • Larry says:


      I WISH that software developers remembered that, while developers make their living on the future, video producers make their living on the past.

      Software is all too ready to cancel old technology, software, formats, codecs and ports without regard to the fact that many of us rely on it for our daily work.


  2. This is not a bad as it seems. I used to use Premiere for HDV capture, but I stoped using Premiere. It turns out there are 2 other ways to digitize footage. I discovered that the latest versions of Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Quiktime Player can do this. With Final Cut Pro, anytime you start ant stop the recording on the tape, it creates a new file which is similar to how we record with media these days. With QuickTime Player, it will record the tape until there is a break in control track or a space where there is no recording. So it works for me.

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