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First Look: Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.4

An in-depth first look at the new features and operation of Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.4.

FCP X: Export to Multiple Destinations at Once

Bundles allow us to export multiple files at the same time. This illustrated tutorial explains how.

Adobe Media Encoder: How to Create a Watch Folder [video]

For many, video compression is a black art; but it doesn’t need to be. Discover the power in Adobe Media Encoder in this short video excerpt as Larry Jordan shows how to create a Watch Folder to automate compression.

Adobe Media Encoder: Add a Watermark [video]

For many, video compression is a black art; but it doesn’t need to be. Discover the power in Adobe Media Encoder in this short video excerpt as Larry Jordan shows how to add a watermark to a video compression preset.

FCP X: Modify a Transition Background

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to remove a background from a transition in Apple Final Cut Pro X.

FCP X: Create Favorite Transitions, Titles or Generators

A very cool way to create a Favorites folder for Titles, Transitions, or Generators in Final Cut Pro X.

Automatically Improve Your Audio Levels

These two filters – one for Premiere and the other for Final Cut – can make your audio sound great without using keyframes and in a fraction of the time of setting levels manually.

LTO 8 – New Technology for Archiving

A helpful infographic, explanation and links about archiving media data on LTO tape drives.

FCP X: 3 + 1 Productivity Power Tips

Here are three fast, powerful shortcut techniques for Apple Final Cut Pro X that create better shortcuts, faster trimming and reattaching missing audio. Plus, another tip that makes Motion less frustrating to use.

FCP X: Store Custom Titles in the Library Itself

This technique simplifies moving libraries and custom effects between different editors on different computers.

Trouble-Shoot Your Apple Final Cut Pro X System [u]

A step-by-step guide to get your Final Cut system running again.

Audition CC: Tour the Interface and Key Audio Tools [video]

You know you can improve the sound of your Adobe Premiere Pro CC projects if you mix them in Adobe Audition – but how? In this short video excerpt, Larry Jordan tours the Audition interface and shows how some of his favorite audio editing tools work.

Optimize Adobe Premiere Pro CC Preferences

Specific preference settings you can change that will optimize the performance and operation of Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018).

First Look: idustrial Revolution Viral Video Thirds

An in-depth look at Viral Video Thirds from idustrial Revolution for Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.3 or later.

Product Review: LumaForge Jellyfish

An in-depth look at Jellyfish – high-performance shared-storage for video editing from LumaForge.

Premiere Pro CC: Collaboration and Shared Projects [video]

In this short video excerpt, Larry Jordan compares Team Projects with Shared Projects in the 2018 update to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, then illustrates how Shared Projects work.

Apple Reveals Next Version of Final Cut Pro X

Apple reveals the next version of Final Cut Pro X – 10.4 – at the FCPX Creative Summit. Here is some of what’s being reported.

Adobe Audition CC (2018): Auto-Ducking is Magic

Auto-ducking in Adobe Audition CC is magical. What this does is automatically reduce the level of clips on a music track based upon the dialog clips above it. Here’s an illustrated tutorial on how this works.

Adobe Media Encoder: H.264 vs. HEVC (H.265)

The principle reason for using HEVC to compress video is to decrease the file size of the compressed file. But how does it look? In this First Look comparing HEVC to H.264 using Adobe Media Encoder, you’ll discover the answer.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018: Shared Projects

Any Premiere project can be shared amongst other editors on the same local network. It works great – EXCEPT there is a huge gotcha that will cause you to lose work, if you don’t read this article first.