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FCP X: The Angle Editor [Video]

This short video tutorial shows how to use the multicam Angle Editor to organize and adjust clips and angles in preparation for editing.

EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Clarity

This article describes how to warm-up a voice to make it sexier, and how to boost high-frequencies to make someone easier to understand. This tutorial demos Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe Audition.

Adobe Premiere: Export Files for DVD, Blu-ray Disc and Compression [Video]

This short video tutorial shows you how to export high-quality project files from Adobe Encore for DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or for compression in other software.

Adobe Encore: Create Stories (Chapter Playlists) [Video]

Chapter Playlists, also called “stories,” are very useful when creating training using optical media like DVDs or Blu-ray Discs. This short video tutorial shows how to create them using Adobe Encore CS6.

Adobe Encore: Change Chapter Marker Poster Frames [Video]

A short video tutorial on how to change the poster frame associated with a DVD or Blu-ray Disc chapter marker using Adobe Encore.

FCP X: Three Shortcuts That Move Clips

Three keyboard shortcuts you can use in FCP X to move a clip, a connection, or the playhead.

Do You Have Enough RAM?

One of the questions I get asked frequently is: “How much RAM should I have in my computer?” The specific answer varies, but there is a tool that can help us determine the best number. It’s called: Activity Monitor. I’ve …

FCP X: Opacity vs. Blend Modes

A short video tutorial illustrating the differences between opacity and blend modes. This also provides examples of the different blend mode categories and shows how to add texture to text.

FCP X: Enhance Landscape Shots [Video]

A short video tutorial on creating a “grad filter” effect using gradients and blend modes inside Final Cut Pro X to enhance landscapes and other outdoor shots.

FCP X: Video In Video Effect [Video]

A short video tutorial on how to put video inside a shape, then place that effect on top of other video, using Final Cut Pro X.

FCP X: Move Projects To Audition

A detailed, step-by-step guide on exporting projects from Final Cut Pro X for Adobe Audition, then bring the master audio files back. This is an essential step in creating complex audio mixes.

Premiere Pro CC: Import Layered PSD Files [Video]

In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan explains the different options for importing layered Photoshop graphics into Premiere Pro CC, and helps you decide which to choose for your projects.

Premiere Pro CC: Text on a Curve [Video]

This short video tutorial shows you how to create and modify text on a curve in Premiere Pro CC.

Tips to Pick the Best Fonts for Video [Video]

This short video tutorial illustrates which fonts are best for video and which ones should be avoided. These “rules” apply to all video projects in all NLEs, on both Mac and Windows systems.

Make Your Actors Look Beautiful [Video]

A tutorial on how to use the Tiffen dFX visual effects filters.

FCP X: Stunning Color Mask Effects [Video]

A short video tutorial showing how to apply multiple color masks to create visually stunning color effects in Final Cut Pro X.

Two Quick DVD Burning Tips

Two quick DVD burning tips when using Apple Compressor 4.1.

FCP X: Color Correct Multicam Clips

A secret, yet quick tip to make color correcting multicam clips in Final Cut Pro X a lot easier.

FCP X: Overwrite and Backtime Secrets

Two very powerful edits in FCP X are the overwrite and back-timed edit. This step-by-step tutorial shows you how these work.

Tips to Make Your Text Look GREAT!

Examples and guidelines for using fonts and typefaces effectively in film and video projects. Applies to all non-linear editing software.