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Picking The Right Color Profile For Still Images

In this article Larry fields a question regarding recommended color space when importing images into FCP.

Creating A Charlie’s Angels Wipe Effect

Here’s a great technique that not only provides a interesting effect, but teaches you how to use cropping when you are creating effects.

Create DVD Menu & Button Highlights With Photoshop Layers

Want to give your DVDs a more professional look? In this detailed, step-by-step article, you’ll learn how to create menus and button highlights in Photoshop, import them into DVD Studio Pro, build a menu and add buttons, all to create a professional-grade menu. (Part 1 of 2 – the second part discusses how to create a motion menu in Final Cut Pro for a DVD.)

Commentary: Crisis du Jour — What’s Happening to Final Cut?

You know the drill. Someone at Apple coughs and suddenly the rumor mill is filled with frenzied statements that the doom of Final Cut Studio is at hand. “The Death of Final Cut” rumors have gotten to be as regular as spring floods or a plague of locusts.

What Files Does Final Cut Pro HD Create (and where are they stored)?

Have you been mystified by all the different files FCP creates? This article explains what you need to know – and where they are hidden.

Creating Favorite Effects

Tired of recreating the same effects over and over again? Final Cut has a better way – create a Favorite Effect. This article shows you how fast and easy this is.

A Faster Way to Create Filter Favorites

Creating favorite filters is just a quick drag away, using this technique.

Creating a Fast-Motion Clip

Creating a slow-motion clip is easy: Modify > Speed. But what if you want to create a fast-motion clip and your hard disk isn’t fast enough to keep up? This short article explains what you need to know.

Creating Extremely Slow Motion in Motion 2 or 3

Dramatically slow motion is easy to create in Motion – if you know where to look. This article details all the steps you need to take to make your fastest shots move in balletic slow-motion.

Improve Exposures Using Gradients

The Grad filter has been used by professional photographers for decades. Now, this same power is available to you inside Final Cut Pro.

Exporting Quicktime from Soundtrack Pro

Normally, when you export a QuickTime movie from Soundtrack Pro, the audio travels with the video. But, not always. This article shows you what you need to know to export audio and video successfully from this audio editing software.

Exporting to FLV

One of the current limitations of Final Cut Studio is that it does not natively support creating Flash video output from a Final Cut Pro sequence. However, all is not lost. This article describes three different ways you can get what you want.

FCP 7: Exporting for a DVD

There are a variety of ways to export a project from Final Cut Pro for a DVD. This article showcases the best way to do it if you are using Final Cut Pro 6.x. (FCP 7 users may want to consider using Share or Send, which this article doesn’t cover.)

Exporting Video to MXF Format

MXF is the native format for a variety of HD video formats. However, it is not one that Final Cut Pro currently supports. This short article details what you need to know to get your QuickTime video into MXF format.

Exporting a Series of Stills

This technique generated a LOT of responses — how to export a series of still to create a slide show. This technique shows you a couple different ways to create this effect.

Export Keynote Slides for Video

Keynote is a very fast way to create bullet slide and animated text for video. However, when it comes time to export your images, this article explains how to do it fast and with the best quality.

Exporting from FCP to Flash

Here’s a seven-step process to export your Final Cut video sequences to Flash.

Exporting FCP 7 Browser Column Data

Here’s a simple technique you can use to export all the data in the Browser into a format you can read in Excel, Word, or Text Edit.

Everything You Never Knew about PPMs

PPMs are something we never hear about in North America. All our audio is measured in dB. However, in Europe, PPM is THE standard of audio measurement — and Final Cut does not support it natively. This article explains what you need to know, and how to measure audio in PPMs.

Hardware Review: Euphonix Control Surfaces

Recently, Euphonix invited me to their LA offices to take a look at a suite of new products designed for video and audio editors. — a series of external control surfaces. Control surfaces have been a fixture in the audio industry for many year, but for video editors, this is a fairly new concept. This article takes a detailed look at each of the four units Euphonix provides, along with thoughts on where they fit into a post-production workflow.