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FCP 7: Using Replace Edit

This powerful technique can quickly bail you out when you need to match shots from the middle of a clip, rather than the In or the Out.

FCP 7: Determining Render Times and Filters

Rendering is the bane of an editor’s life. Waiting for the computer to calculate an effect can seem interminable. What can be done to speed rendering and what causes it to slow down in the first place? This short article answers these questions.

Reducing Render Time in Final Cut Pro

Nothing drives us more nuts than having to wait for our systems to render transitions and effects. Reader Don Smith sent in this technique for reducing the time you spend waiting for Final Cut Pro to render.

IMPORTANT Notice on Rebuilding Permissions

One of the Mac magazines published some seriously wrong information. Read this to keep from making a mistake.

QuickTime Frame Reordering Explained

When compressing an H.264 file, whether in QuickTime, Final Cut Pro, or Compressor, an option you may see is called “Frame Reordering.” This article explains, briefly, what it is and when you should use it.

Problems Burning DVDs

Larry diagnoses a subscriber’s problems with burning DVDs and makes recommendations (altering compression bit-rates, etc.) towards finding a solution.

FCP: Playback Problems

In this article, various problems with playback are addressed and answered.

Picking a Camera

In this article I discuss the criteria I use in judging which camera to buy, as well as factors that may not be that critical in making the decision.

Outputting Mono Audio From Soundtrack Pro

Even though Soundtrack Pro is, at its core, a surround-sound audio editing system, sometimes you just need mono (single-channel) audio out. The only problem is… how? This quick article explains what you need to know.

Compensating Images to Adjust For Video’s Non-Square Pixels

Confused about what size to create your images? This article explains what image size to use so they import correctly into Final Cut Pro HD.

Using Nests to Clean Up Dissolves Between Chroma-keys

Steve Gagne sent in a question that sparked this tutorial. He was dissolving between chroma-key shots and in the middle of each dissolve, the foreground clip color-shifted to green. He thought this could be fixed using nests, but needed some help in figuring out how.

Trimming Multiple Clips

When you are working with multiple tracks of video, trimming clips on several tracks at once is essential. This article shows you how to trim multiple tracks quickly and accurately.

Compressing Different Video Formats into One QuickTime Movie

I ran into an interesting problem over the weekend that I want to share with you because the solution is more complex than at first blush. Here’s the problem: I was asked to create a video for posting on line. The video had two components: me on camera talking, and screen shots, both of which were different sizes and formats. This article describes the process of creating a single, compressed file composed of multiple format video.

Software Review: Imagineer Systems Mocha for Final Cut Pro

When I first discovered the motion tracking in Motion 2, I was really excited. It was fairly easy to learn, easy to use, and delivered great results. Updated with more examples and lots of reader feedback.

Commentary: A Plea for Better Metadata Support

Recently, I got an email from John Bertram, an editor in Toronto, on why metadata support is crucial to the next generation of Final Cut Pro.

Using Render Manager in FCP HD or FCP 5

Tracking and removing render files is easy — when you know how the Render Manager works. This tutorial shows you how.

Managing Render Files

Final Cut creates render files for all transitions, effects, and audio mixes. This article explains what you need to know to keep these files under control and recover hard disk space at the end of a project.

Removing Filters

It’s happened to all of us. We created an effect that looked great at the time, but now, after a night’s rest, we hate it. Here are two techniques you can use to remove all the filters from selected clips.

Removing Audio Tracks From a Video Clip

Sometimes, especially when merging clips, you get more audio tracks in a Final Cut Pro timeline than you want. This article describes a couple of different ways you can get rid of them.

A Free Utility to Refresh Hard Drives

Addressing the problem of digital media “evaporating” when a hard drive is powered down and stored on a shelf, with additional advice from Bob Gobeille, who originally provided the terminal script to fix this problem.