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FCP 7: Create the Right Offline Format

The debatable “nightmare” of offline editing is discussed, with Larry strongly recommending the creation of DVCPROHD 23.98 fps masters to keep the frame rate and image size constant and greatly simplify the final on-line edit.

What Does the NS Light on DVCAM Decks Mean?

All DV audio is not created the same. A client had a problem with the NS light lighting; finding the solution took a few days of phone calls. Here’s the scoop.

FCP 7: Normalizing Audio in Final Cut Pro

Normalizing is one way to raise the gain of an entire clip without creating any over-modulation. Prior to FCP 6, only Soundtrack Pro could normalize. Now, FCP can, too. Here’s how.

The Benefits of Creating a New User Account

An important trouble-shooting technique is to create a new user account to eliminate corrupted preference files. This short article explains why you should consider doing this, and what the potential problems are.

Something New in Final Cut 6

Here’s a quick little shortcut that just appeared in the latest version of Final Cut Pro that is almost impossible to find.

Nesting in Final Cut Pro

Nesting is the process of placing one sequence inside another sequence. There are many reasons why this technique is useful. This article highlights several of them, including ways to fix problems when your nested audio does not appear.

In Need of a Universal Output Format

Wendy is searching for a universal HD output format to simplify distribution of her projects. In this article, she discovers that’s easier to say than to do.

Gear Report: Covering the NAB 2010 Show for the Digital Production Buzz

In this post-NAB 2010 report, I show how we covered this huge trade show for the Digital Production Buzz. 16 reporters, crew of 22, live hourly audio brodcasts, and daily one-hour show specials. This goes into the gear, the process, the file naming conventions…everything.

NAB 2007 Report

Apple just finished its event for NAB 2007 — where they announced Final Cut Server, Final Cut Studio 2 and Color! And I thought you might be interested in some more immediate observations.

Commentary: MacWorld 2006

This is a commentary by Larry Jordan on the announcements and background conversation at MacWorld 2006 in San Francisco, CA.

Creating Multiple Output Files

The only problem with creating multiple versions of the same file is the time it takes. In this article, I explain how you can do this faster and easier by automating Compressor, than just doing one file at a time from Final Cut Pro.

Capturing Multiple Cameras to One Mac

In this article, learn how you can capture two simultaneous, real-time video feeds into one computer and get them ready for editing.

Working with Multiple HD Formats

As you move into editing HD footage, you will quickly discover that there are many, many, MANY different HD formats. This article describes what you can do when you are forced to work with more than one HD format in a project.

Working With Markers In Multicams

One of the more useful new goodies in Final Cut 7 is all the new functions that markers now support. Since we are talking about multiclips, I wanted to mention a specific marker feature you may not know about.

Using Markers in a Multiclip

Multiclips are new with Final Cut 5. This article explains how to use markers within a multiclip.

Multicam Follow-Up

In order to create a multiclip in Final Cut Pro, all the clips in it MUST match for codec, frame rate, and image size. They must also contain continuous, uninterrupted timecode.

FCP 7: Setting Up a Multicam Clip

Multicam clips are new with FCP 5 and provide the ability to see multiple camera angles at the same time. However, while they are easy to use, they can be tricky to set up. This technique explains the steps you need to follow to get everything working smoothly.

Resolving Problems with Multi-channel Audio in Soundtrack Pro

Increasingly, audio is being recorded in more than two tracks. However, Soundtrack Pro has a problem when dealing with more than two tracks. This article describes the problem, and a work-around that fixes it.

Adding Transitions Simultaneously to Multiple Clips

Probably the most reqested technique in my classes — how to add the same transition to multiple clips at once. Here’s how.

Apply Multiple Transitions At Once

Probably the most reqested technique in my classes — how to add the same transition to multiple clips at once. Here’s how.