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Audio Mixing to Improve the Clarity of Speech

One of the signs of getting older is that our hearing is not as sharp as it once was. So one of the things I do in my mixes is to be sure that I make things as clear and easy to understand as possible. This article walks you thru the specific steps you can take in Soundtrack Pro to make your audio as clear and distinct as possible.

Audio Checkerboarding and Setting Audio Levels

There are very few things that cause as much confusion to video editors as working with audio. In this technique, I show you a very efficient technique for structuring where to place audio in your timeline and suggest audio levels that can make your project sound GREAT! If you read only one audio article this month, this is the article to read!

Changing Audio Capture Settings to 32 kHz

Final Cut expects all cameras to shoot audio at 48 kHz. But, what happens when they don’t? Well, you get audio drifting out of sync, or no audio at all. Many low-end cameras record audio at 32 kHz. This technique shows you what you need to know to capture your audio accurately.

The Ten [ Audio Recording ] Commandments

These ten suggestions on ways to improve your audio recording are excerpted from The Sound Effects Bible written by Ric Viers. If you are having problems getting your recording to sound the way you want, check out these tips.

Asymmetric Trimming in the Timeline

Asymmetric trimming allows you to trim the audio and video in opposite directions at the same time. I’m still not sure if this is a good or bad thing. Here’s how it works.

The Quest for an Archiving Codec

As we move away from tape and into tapeless video, questions about how to best archive our projects take on a new importance. For many, the issue revolves around the hardware we use to archive. But there is a second question: what video format do we want to use to store our files for the long-term. In this dialog with Philip Hodgetts, we examine this very complex issue and provide some guidance.

Organizing and Archiving Your Projects

The best way to archive your project is to organize it before you even start. This article provides a host of tips on getting organized, what to save and how to go about it.

Appearing and Disappearing Files

I am getting periodic reports of missing render files inside Final Cut Pro. This short article may give you a hand in tracking down the problem.

Those Amazing Angle Brackets

As Eric Mittan writes: “My favorite keyboard shortcuts are those that are contextual. The function of the keys in question change in the context of what task is being performed, or what item is selected, or what tool is chosen in order to get a different, if slightly related result.

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FCP 7: Compressing Video For YouTube

In Final Cut Pro 7 is the File > Share option which allows us to export a sequence from Final Cut and compress it for YouTube. This article, and comments, show you how this works.

The Rough Cut: Deciphering The Director’s Intentions

The goal of a rough cut is to make the best possible version of the director’s original intentions.

Transferring Keyboard Layouts to Another Final Cut Pro System

How to carry a preference Custom Keyboard Layout file and place it in a new Final Cut Pro system. Very useful for freelance editing!

Using a Send and a Bus to Create Reverb in Soundtrack Pro

A while ago, I wrote about how and why to create submixes in Soundtrack Pro. While submixes can be used for reverb, a better way is to use Sends and Busses. This provides greater control and more flexibility than a Submix, but it is a bit trickier to understand.

How To Remove Unwanted Plug-Ins From Final Cut Pro 7

Sometimes, the best of plans suddenly go awry and you need to remove plug-ins from your FCP 7 system.