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Apple Final Cut Pro: Find and Rename Media

There are a variety of ways to find, select, and rename media in Apple Final Cut Pro. Here’s what you need to know.

Final Cut Pro: 3 Ways to Sync an Out-of-Sync Clip

A typical problem when I record Zoom calls or screen captures is that the audio and video are out of sync. Here are three ways to sync clips, with one being the best option.

ProMax Announces the NVMe Enterprise Video Workflow Server

ProMAX Systems just announced ProMAX NVMe Enterprise, a new NVMe U.3 server specifically designed for video editors. I was intrigued by this new technology, so, I emailed Taylor Hodgetts, VP of Operations for ProMAX, to learn more.

Picture This… AI Images for Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro

Picture This… Imagine clicking a button and having a high-quality, AI-generated image appear directly in your Final Cut or Premiere Pro timeline. It exists. Philip Hodgetts describes the software.

BorisFX Launches New AI-Driven Updates and Plugins

This morning, BorisFX announced a pivotal shift in strategic direction with the 2024 release of Continuum 2024 and updates to CrumplePop audio tools, becoming one of the first in the industry to integrate AI-driven effects into a visual effects plugin.

How to Manually Sync a Multicam Clip in Apple Final Cut Pro

Bill asks: How I can sync an out-of-sync Zoom recording for a multicam project in Apple Final Cut Pro? The answer is fairly simple, but not obvious. Here’s how to do it.

The Benefits of Apple Unified Memory

One of the key benefits of Apple silicon computers is the use of Unified Memory. But… what is “Unified Memory,” why is it important, and how much do we need for our work? This tutorial has the answers.

Apple Motion Particle Effects Performance

There is no doubt that we can create effects in Motion that won’t play in real time. But I was impressed that even complex effects with lots of moving elements did not tax an Apple silicon system. At all. Take a look.

How to Round-trip Projects Between Apple Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve [v]

There are advantages to moving video editing projects between applications. In this video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how to move an Apple Final Cut Pro project from Final Cut into DaVinci Resolve for color grading, then bring it back to Final Cut for final output.

New: Create Custom Project Templates in Adobe Premiere Pro [v]

Hosted by Larry Jordan, “High-tech Medley” presents a variety of new features and new techniques for different software. In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how to create custom project templates in Adobe Premiere Pro.

New Features in Text-Based Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro [v]

Hosted by Larry Jordan, “High-tech Medley” presents a variety of new features and new techniques for different software. In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how to edit video using text transcripts and the latest features in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Update! Timeline Scrolling Finally Comes to Final Cut Pro in New Release

Apple announces new versions of Final Cut Pro for the Mac (v10.7) and iPad (v1.3) – both “coming soon.” However, many of these “new features” already seem to be in the software. This is a confusing announcement.

Is Motion-Capture a Threat or Benefit to Actors and Producers?

This is a VERY interesting article about the current state of motion capture, based on an interview with Brett Ineson, Founder and CTO of Animatrik. We discuss mo-caps impact – for good and bad – on actors, how producers can benefit from it and the current state of the technology. This is well-worth your time to read.

What’s the Difference Between a Format and a Codec?

I’m confused. What’s the difference between a “format” and a “codec?” The answer is that sometimes these are the same and sometimes these are different. Here’s a good way to think about these.

Caution: macOS Sonoma May Not Support ExFAT

There seems to be a problem accessing data stored on ExFAT drives on a Mac with macOS Sonoma installed. Here are details.

What’s New in Adobe Premiere Pro 24.0 (Oct. 2023)

Here’s what’s new in the October, 2023, release of Adobe Premiere Pro (v.24), with a link to Adobe’s release notes.

Warning: Premiere Pro (v24.0) Removes Video Tape Capture

This is – potentially – very important: the October, 2023, version of Premiere Pro (v.24) removes support for video tape capture. Here are the details.

So, Where Was Final Cut Pro, Apple?

In Apple’s recent introduction of their M3-series chips, the screen shots revealed a hidden story. Apple launched their most powerful computers ever – but Final Cut was nowhere to be found. What happened?

How to Avoid AI Adoption Angst in the Workplace

In today’s technology-driven world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force that could revolutionize the way we work. But how do we implement AI to achieve success? Joe Hart, CEO of Dale Carnegie, shares his thoughts.

Larry’s Initial Thoughts on Apple M3-series Chips

Apple just launched the three latest versions of Apple silicon: M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max. The computers that use them haven’t shipped yet, but will they be “the fastest ever?” Yes. Do you need them for media production and post? THAT is a much more interesting question. Here are Larry Jordan’s thoughts.