Industry Leaders Discuss Impact of AI on Media

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AI is having a dramatic impact on media. Larry Jordan interviews key industry leaders at the 2024 NAB Show to learn their opinions on the impact of AI and machine learning. Their answers ranged from fear to hope.

NOTE: Here’s a transcript of this video.


Media Industry Leaders Discuss Impact of AI on Media

TRT: 8:19 — MPEG-4 HD movie


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9 Responses to Industry Leaders Discuss Impact of AI on Media

  1. Nice job. Interesting.

  2. Barry STONE says:

    Nice to hear so many intelligent and practical responses

  3. Ron Cartier says:

    Companies have to realize ai is a tool not a people replacement, and the big ticket item, ai does not buy your product people earning wages do.

  4. Dennis Mahaffay says:

    Great video, Larry. Thank you.

  5. Fabrizio says:

    Thanks Larry ! very interesting video interviews from NAB. Really important to have common opinion about AI. Many thanks !

  6. Gayle C. says:


    What these industry leaders expressed about AI not replacing creatives, but helping us get through the more mundane tasks of our work to get to where we can let our real creative juices flow sooner in our processes, was everything I was hoping to hear. They hit all the points of my early concerns, in a more positive way than where my thoughts on the subject were leaning.

    Collectively, the words they use to describe what we may all be feeling about what AI right now (murky, scary), and what we as creatives must do and expect, (embrace, changing, not replacing), is exactly the direction I hope it’s truly going.

    This great video was reassuring for me to see, and I cautiously cross my fingers that in the end we will all manage, pivot, and come out on the other side, having fully adapted, while continuing on with the work that we love.

    Great seeing you at my first NAB, Larry!

    • Larry says:


      I agree, they were saying all the right words. But the proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes. And AI is being driven by firms with no stake in media.


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