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Still Images, Resolution, and DPI

Working with still images in Final Cut Pro is very, very confusing. Not least because video ignore the DPI settings of your image. In this short article, I explain what you need to know to size your images appropriately.

Text Transcription in Soundbooth CS4

In this article Larry advises a subscriber who downloaded a beta version of Soundbooth and believes there may have been an error in his workflow.

Use Superimpose for Text Clips

Simply editing a text clip to the timeline isn’t enough. If you are planning on keying your text, use superimpose instead. This article shows you the three-step process and tells you why its important.

Creating a Glow Behind Text

Here’s a simple technique that creates a very interesting effect using one of the ugliest generated texts in Final Cut.

FCP 7: Creating Text Favorites

Many times we need to use the same text formatting for multiple text clips. Here’s a fast and easy way to create text favorites, including drop shadows, that make the whole process simple.

Warning: Text Size in Motion Differs from Final Cut

If you’ve tried matching text sizes between Final Cut and Motion, you’ve discovered they aren’t the same. This article explains why.

Create Text with Cast Shadows Using Title 3D

Here’s another technique that grew out of a recent webinar — creating cast shadows using Boris Title 3D. Title 3D is bundled with your version of Final Cut, so you already have this installed on your system.

Guidelines for Great Text in FCP HD

Here are a series of tips to create great looking text in Final Cut Pro.

Thoughts on Teaching Technology [u]

What makes for an effective technology teacher? What should we focus on? How do we avoid the “fear of the unknown” in our students? In this philosophical musing, I reflect on what I’ve learned about teaching technology for almost a decade.

Working with Tapeless Media

As our industry moves quickly to tapeless media and acquisition, properly archiving your footage can make the difference between happiness and heart-ache. In this article, I outline what you need to know about archive formats.

Using EDLs with Tapeless Media

Most of the time, we edit using the final image quality from our cameras. But, in the case of HD-CAM SR, that may not be possible, as those video files are HUGE! In this article, a reader asks how to use EDLs when trying to capture tapeless media. Depending upon how the off-line, low-resolution images were created, this story has either a happy, or very sad, ending. You can read the options here.

Fixing Out-of-Sync Sound in a ProRes File

Audio that slowly drifts out of sync is often due to a mismatch between the sample rate at which you shot the video and the sample rate at which you captured the audio.

Creating Surround Sound Mixes

Surround sound mixing is even more of an art than standard stereo mixing. In this article, we take a quick look at channel allocations and some general thoughts to getting the right mix.

Changing Subtitles in DVD Studio Pro

The article describes how to view and change subtitles in DVD Studio Pro.

Stuttery Audio Playback with a MacPro

Stuttery audio generally is a problem with bad preference files. But, on a MacPro, it can be caused by putting your capture card in the wrong slot. This article describes the problem and what you need to do to fix it.

How to Stripe Tapes with Timecode

When you are ready to lay your final projects back to tape, the best way to do so is to use Print to Video. However, Edit to Tape is required if you need to record at a specific timecode on your tape. But this requires laying Timecode on your tape first. This article explains how.

Creating and Using a Soundtrack Pro Script

This technique occurred to me while I was developing my training DVD for on Soundtrack Pro because scripts in Soundtrack Pro have a quirky, potentially dangerous, behavior that surprised me until I did some research on them.

Using the Soundtrack Pro Limiter Filter

I’ve done hundreds of hours of audio editing in Soundtrack and have discovered a wealth of features that make editing audio in it a breeze.

How Soundtrack Pro Handles Mono and Stereo Files

Moving multi-track files from Final Cut Pro to Soundtrack Pro for mixing can cause problems, unless you understand how Soundtrack Pro handles linked files. This article explains.

Where Are My Soundtrack Pro Files?

Mixing audio files in Soundtrack Pro is like editing video files in Final Cut Pro — there are lots and lots of files involved. Which means that if you don’t pay attention, things are going to get lost. This article explains what you need to know to keep track of everything.