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How to Simplify Adobe Premiere Pro Sequences [v]

In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan illustrates a relatively new feature in Premiere which can instantly simplify complex sequences without actually changing your edit. This is very cool.

An Introduction to Creating Speech-to-Text Transcripts in Adobe Premiere Pro [v]

In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan explains what speech-to-text is in Premiere, then shows how to create transcripts from your sequences using it.

How to Configure M2 Macs for Video Production and Editing

Digital video no longer requires state-of-the-art hardware. We no longer need the biggest, fastest, most powerful system to get our work done. Here’s what you need to consider for a video editing system today.

Motion Tracking Problems in Adobe Premiere Pro – and a Workaround

Motion tracking effects has long been a feature in Premiere Pro. However, in recent versions, it no longer works reliably. Here’s an outline of the problem and a workaround.

The Incredible Saga to Get DVD Studio Pro Running… Again

Apple is famous for killing useful technology. For media creators, meant the death of software to create DVDs. With his livelihood at stake, Richard Osso went on a mission to find a way to continue creating DVDs for clients. This is his story.

Review: Syntech USB-A to USB-C Adapters

These well-built units, wrapped in an aluminum case with a variety of colors, are small, solid, require no extra cable, inexpensive and work great. Here’s Larry Jordan’s review.

Here’s an Undocumented Project Repair Tool in Final Cut Pro

There’s an undocumented timeline project verification and repair function built-into Apple Final Cut Pro. While you may not ever need to use this, it is good to know that it’s there. Here’s how to access it. Option-click the Clip menu …

Caution: Unexplained Timeline Slowdowns in Final Cut Pro

Adding a few dozen To-Do markers to any Final Cut project won’t cause any problems. However, if you regularly import transcripts into FCP, take the time to read this thread, especially if your system seems to be slower than usual.

Create Color, Shape and Custom Masks in Apple Final Cut Pro [v]

Masks allow us to select a portion of a video image. In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows a variety of ways to use color, shape and draw masks in Apple Final Cut Pro to create visual effects or fix problems.

Different Ways to Use Chroma-key to Create Interesting Visual Effects [v]

Chroma-key allows us to make specific colors in a video image transparent. In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows different ways to use chroma-key, which is also called a “green-screen key,” to create useful video effects.

Learn How to Use Final Cut Pro’s Multicam Angle Editor [v]

Multicam editing allows us to edit several camera clips at the same time. In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how to use the multicam Angle Editor in Apple Final Cut Pro, along with some advanced techniques that make multicam files easier to edit.

Pick the Right Version of ProRes for Your Next Video Project [v]

Apple ProRes is a family of media codecs. In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan explains what the different versions of ProRes are and how to pick the right version for your next video project.

How to Open, Switch Between, or Close Multiple Projects in Final Cut Pro

Apple Final Cut Pro supports having more than one project open at once, even though only the active project is displayed. Here’s how to open, switch between and close one or more projects inside FCP.

Stabilize Shaky Video Footage Using Adobe Premiere Pro

As we increasingly move to hand-held cameras, shaky shots are a fact of life. The Warp Stabilizer effect in Adobe Premiere Pro is a great way to keep your audience involved in your story without them losing their lunch. Here’s how to use it effectively.

Stabilize Shaky Video Footage Using Apple Final Cut Pro

Shaky video footage can cause an audience to get motion sick watching your program. Fortunately, Apple Final Cut Pro provides three ways to smooth shaky footage. Here’s an illustrated tutorial on how these work.

A Question of Editorial Ethics

What are the ethics of taking a job that proves to be dishonest? What if you really need the money? How do you decide? Here’s a real-world example – and I’m interested in your comments.

Top Twelve Media Tutorials for 2022

Here are the twelve most popular media tutorials on the website for 2022. These include links and short article descriptions. Each of these generated tens of thousands of views.

Top Ten Media Tutorials for December, 2022

Here are the top ten media tutorials on the website for Dec. 2022. These include links and short article descriptions.

Compare Speed Differences Between 2-, 3-, and 4-Drive SSD RAIDS

Here are some real-world speed tests of 2-, 3-, and 4-drive SSD RAIDs using the OWC Thunderblade. Speeds are fast, but none fully fill a Thunderbolt 3/4 connection. Still, they are more than fast enough for almost all editing.

Review: iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac – Strong Recovery, Weak Interface

iBoysoft Data Recovery for the Mac brings missing files back to life. It does so for a wide range of files and devices. But the interface is flaky, core features are unreliable, and the entire application needs someone to pay much closer attention to it. Here’s Larry Jordan’s review.