Don’t Upgrade to macOS Mojave… Yet.

Within the next few weeks Apple will release the latest version of the operating system: Mojave (v. 10.14). My strong suggestion is that you not upgrade any systems that you depend upon when the new OS is released.

Apple, and its legion of beta testers, have worked very hard to provide a stable version with all kinds of new features. The problem is, that we don’t know FOR SURE that they have been successful. It won’t hurt to wait for a while after the initial release to make sure everything is working OK, or, if there are problems, for developers to update their software.

Keep in mind that no client ever has hired you to edit using a certain version of macOS. They have hired you to tell a story, on time, on budget, with great quality. Not upgrading will not affect your client relationship. Not delivering a project because your software, plugins or codecs are not compatible with an update, will.


If you depend upon a 32-bit program, such as Final Cut Pro 7, do NOT upgrade. Ever. Apple has already said that 32-bit applications will not be supported in future operating systems.

If you need to run FCP 7, either plan on never upgrading your editing computer, or create a dual-boot disk where you can revert back to an earlier OS for editing. Ideally, FCP 7 should run on Sierra (macOS 10.12) or earlier.

If you depend upon DVD Studio Pro, never upgrade. DVD Studio Pro runs best on macOS 10.6.8. It can run on Mavericks (macOS 10.11), but nothing later.



If you have a system you use for testing, feel free to upgrade immediately. That’s what testing systems are designed for.

However, if you are upgrading a system you need for daily production or editing, here are my suggestions:

Read the various blogs and support sites. Discover the problems, see if they pertain to you. When your current project is done and you’ve got time, upgrade. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself to upgrade before you are ready.

Personally, I upgrade my testing system immediately upon format release; I no longer get involved in beta testing. All my other editing systems wait a few months before I upgrade them. This makes it easy to go back when necessary.

NOTE: Here’s an article that discusses when to update in more detail.


New releases are always exciting – there are so many new features to explore.

However, we need to balance the new features against the risk of something breaking in a current project that prevents us from delivering on time.

Waiting won’t hurt. Upgrading too soon just might.

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8 Responses to Don’t Upgrade to macOS Mojave… Yet.

  1. Philip Snyder says:

    I recently read an article (don’t remember where) that said that Mojave will NOT run an iMacs older than 2012. Mine is mid-2011. Have you heard this in regard to age of computers?

    • Larry says:


      This is true of all updates – Apple phases out support for older systems.

      I’m not sure which year systems will be supported, but Apple will make that clear when the update is released.


    • Terrence Macinterry says:

      Yes this is true, Mojave will NOT run on any Mac older then 2012, oh and even i wait until about the 3rd update before i install the newest OS.

      ACMT (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician)

  2. Mike Janowski says:

    …another solution to the “never upgrade” quandry is, simply, to purchase new hardware.

    It may sound dilletante-tish (sp?), but it’s a SURE way to keep perfect compatibility with older, but stilll vital and necessary, systems.

    At my home office, I have kept two Mac Pro towers, in the state that they were in when they were being used to produce the big bucks. I have a G5 running 10.4.x and FCP6 (that’s currently being employed in the “analogue transfer suite” as a capture device), and another tower running SnowLep (10.6.8) and FCP7.

    Neither machine needs to be online with my main iMac/PPro CC system (save for the standard network connection), and neither machine requires much in the way of media storage, as they’re basically used to open old projects (which I can then XML export/import into CC if need be). There’s no cost (the machines have been paid for for years), save the electricity. And these towers are built like boat anchors, and seem as if they’ll work forever!

    This practice extends to my major client’s workspace as well. When we upgraded to PPro here two years ago, the EiC and I made sure to keep one Snow Lep tower up and running, so I could access the wealth of older shows we edited on FCP.

  3. erikgraham says:

    Sound advice considering Final Cut freezes in Mojave (on my machine). I decided to upgrade a 2018 MacBook to Mojave and test out Finak Cut. As of today 9/26/2018 I can definitely report there are some issues on my specific system configuration (see below). By far the biggest “issue” is a complete and total system freeze that can only be resolved by a hard reboot. Even the mouse freezes in place and the keyboard is inactive. There’s no way to switch to the Finder (or any other app) or Force Quit Final Cut. The only solution is to hold down the power button to force a reboot.

    Now, my specific configuration may be the problem. I had 2 external GPUs connected, an older Thunderbolt Apple display, and a Thunderbolt 2 RAID, as well as some other portable disks. Another possibility is that I may have a corrupt Final Cut Library. I did have time to clear PRAM, reset Final Cut Prefs, and run a disk repair. I also copied some clips to a new library. And I tried turning “prefer GPU” on and off in get info for Final Cut. I did NOT try running without the external GPUs connected (because i would have to reword my cables and had to to get some work done in Resolve that required the GPUs).

    So. Yeah. Probably not a good time to update a production machine to Mojave. (Resolve seems pretty solid though).

  4. After 24 hours (lterally) of trying to re-install Mojave, multiple Disk Utility repairs in safe mode, etc. I emphatically say DO NOT upgrade yet!!! I’ve spent hours in the phone with some very nice people at Mac Support, and they’re all stumped. Mohave is a disaster on my late 2013 iMac, and I’ve finally resorted to restoring my hard drive via time machine. I’m going to be a nervous wreck for next 3 hours while time macine chugs away.

    I’m assured by Mac people that I’ll have no problems with restore, but then, they assureed me that Mojave update was going to be a breeze!!!

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