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Stories from the Past – 2″ Video Tape [u]

The year was 1972, I was just starting in broadcasting as a director and learning to use 2″ quad video tape recorders. The main problem – and there were many – was that all edits were plus-or-minus a second. That’s assuming the machines edited at all.

Adjust Audio in Sub-Frame Increments in Apple Final Cut Pro

Most of the time, syncing clips to be frame accurate is good enough. But, sometimes you need more precision. This tutorial illustrates how to slip audio inside the frame in 1/80th of a frame increments using Apple Final Cut Pro.

Adjust Audio By Milliseconds in Adobe Premiere Pro

Most of the time, syncing audio and video clips within a frame works fine. But, when you need to get really precise alignment – down to the millisecond – Premiere provides a way that makes it easy. Here’s how.

The Critical Importance of Project Settings in DaVinci Resolve

Project settings in DaVinci Resolve are significantly different from either Premiere or Final Cut. They are the technical foundation upon which an entire edit is built. Since Premiere and Final Cut don’t behave this way, editors moving to Resolve from other platforms – like me – are going to be surprised. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Paste Effects and Adjust Keyframes in Apple Final Cut Pro [v]

In this short video, Larry Jordan illustrates the differences between Paste Effects and Paste Attributes in Final Cut Pro. He’ll also show their impact on keyframe timing.

How to Use Timecode to Navigate Timeline or Media in Adobe Premiere Pro [v]

In this short video, Larry Jordan shows how to use timecode to precisely move around inside a clip or in the timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Fix Audio Drop-outs During Video Editing [v]

In this short video, Larry Jordan explains the potential causes of audio drop-outs during video editing. He’ll also provide some ideas on where to look for a fix.

Which Provides Higher Quality – DisplayPort or HDMI [v]

In this short video, Larry Jordan compares the differences between using DisplayPort and HDMI when connecting external computer monitors to your Mac. One is a much better choice.

Is It Possible to Edit Video Without Connecting to the Web?

There are several security reasons for editing video where the computer is not attached to the Internet. But, if you do, which video editing software will work without the web?

Tribute: The Man Who Invented the Timeline

Robert Dalva was a unique filmmaker with a gift for story-telling whose credits spanned from Jurassic Park to Star Wars. But his real gift was something much more subtle – and longer lasting.

3 New Mask Effects in Final Cut Pro

Recent updates to Apple Final Cut Pro added several more mask effects, three of which I illustrate in this tutorial: Corner mask, Graduated mask, and Image mask. Here’s what they look like and how to create them.

Get Started With the Color Page in DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a state-of-the-art color tool for video. Whatever you can imagine doing with color, Resolve can do. But, oh. my. goodness. It is complex. Here’s an overview of how to use it.

Get Started: Multicam Editing in DaVinci Resolve

Multicam editing in DaVinci Resolve is not as refined as in Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. But, it is still worth learning. Here’s a detailed tutorial on how multicam editing works.

Security Strategies For Media Creators: How To Keep Your Media Assets Safe

In the face of evolving digital threats, small media businesses are tasked with the critical responsibility of securing their assets. Here are tips you can use to keep your business safe.

Review: Hawaiki Keyer 5, from FxFactory

Hawaiki Keyer 5 is a high-quality, infinitely-adjustable chroma-key plugin for Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Motion. Offering controls that simply aren’t available on other keyers, when you need to create a truly clean chroma-key, even with substandard production, you need Hawaiki Keyer, from FxFactory.

Solve Difficult Chroma-key Problems with a Stationary Mask

I created a green-screen shot that was impossible to key because the foreground elements kept keying out due to reflections. Here’s how to use a solid matte in Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut Pro, or even DaVinci Resolve, to fix this.

Review: Background Remover from FxFactory – Magic in a Mouse-Click

Background Remover, from FxFactory, removes backgrounds behind people without requiring a green screen or a stationary background. It works in Apple Final Cut Pro & Motion, along with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. It creates amazing results effortlessly and quickly. Here’s a review.

Create a Spotlight Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

Recently, I needed to create the effect of a spotlight on a wall in Premiere. The only problem was that the only image I had to work with was a brick wall in sunlight. Here’s how to create this effect in Premiere.

How To Estimate the Lifespan of an SSD

There are two key questions we ask whenever we buy storage: How fast does it go and how long does it last? We’ve got a pretty good handle on SSD speeds. Trickier, though, is determining endurance (life-span). Here’s what you need to know.

Find Duplicated Media in Final Cut Pro

What causes those strange hash marks at the top of clips in Final Cut Pro? Actually, they are indicating a good thing – here’s what they are and how to turn them on or off.