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QuickTime Isn’t a Thing

A look at what QuickTime is, what’s changed over time and references to learn more.

Caution: Problems Archiving LaCie RAID Drives

In spite of their documentation, LaCie hard drives, when formatted as RAIDs, are not hot-swappable. Here’s a write-up from Loren Miller that explains the problem.

Premiere Pro: Export Faster with Smart Render

Smart Rendering is a media optimization strategy that speeds renders and exports in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This explains what you need to know.

Secrets of Dual-Channel Audio in Premiere Pro CC

An illustrated tutorial on how to set audio clips in Premiere to dual-channel mono for more control in mixing. Plus, a very cool technique for processing audio clips in a batch!

Secrets of Dual-Channel Audio in FCP X

An illustrated tutorial on how to change audio channels from stereo to dual-channel mono in Apple Final Cut Pro X, how to adjust pan, and how to process multiple clips at once in a batch.

Create the Audio First for a Motion Graphic Video

An explanation of why creating the audio track first is essential to creating a successful motion graphic video.

The Value of Adding More RAM for Video Editing

A look at how much RAM you need for video editing, how to measure usage of the RAM you have, along with thoughts on how best to optimize your system.

NEWS: Raises $50M to Reinvent Media Collaboration

Breaking News: raises $50 million to support Cloud-based media collaboration and continued growth.

Final Cut Pro X: How to Use EQ to Improve Your Audio

An illustrated tutorial on how to improve the sound of the spoken human voice using EQ filters in Apple Final Cut Pro X.

Faster Ways to Edit in Final Cut Pro X

Keyboard shortcuts for Apple Final Cut Pro X that make both editing and trimming faster.

How to Modify Final Cut Pro X Transitions

An illustrated tutorial showing how to modify a Final Cut Pro X transition in Apple Motion. This technique applies to any FCP X transition, title or generator; as well as some effects.

First Look: Simon Says v. 2.0 Automated Transcription

A first-look at the new features and current status of Simon Says, automated speech-to-text transcription for media creators.

Create a Smooth Credit Roll

An explanation of why rolling credits are hard to display smoothly, along with suggestions on how to improve smoothness.

Survey: Speech-to-Text Applications for Media [u]

Survey of applications and web services providing automated speech-to-text transcription focused on media creators.

When To Use H.264 vs. HEVC For Video Compression

A general analysis of when to use H.264 vs. HEVC for media compression, along with a recommendation for media creators.

First Look: Auto-Reframe in Adobe Premiere Pro

An illustrated tutorial on how to use the new Auto-Reframe feature for both clips and sequences in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020.

Premiere Pro CC: Archive Projects with Project Manager

The Project Manager, in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, allows you to gather all the files for a project and store them safely in one place. Here’s how it works.

Interview: ftrack Acquires Cospective

An interview with Fredrik Limsater, CEO of ftrack, about their acquisition of Cospective and what it means to media creators going forward.

Axle AI Debuts at Adobe MAX 2019 debuts, fast speech-to-text transcription through an Extension panel in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe Releases Updates and New Apps at Adobe Max 2019

Adobe released new apps and updates to all their applications at Adobe Max 2019 this morning. Here are the details on their audio and video apps.