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A Better Way to Animate Bullets in FCP X

A very cool way to animate text bullets in a single clip – with added bonus of adding emojis to any text element – in Apple Final Cut Pro X.

Blurs No Longer Protect Privacy

Blurs and mosaics are no longer effective in masking the identity of an on-screen speaker. Here’s what you need to know.

Video Compression Speed Tests: Mojave vs. Catalina [u]

A detailed look at video compression speeds in both Mojave and Catalina for both Apple Compressor and Adobe Media Encoder. Cool charts are included.

First Look: Compressor Speed Test – Catalina vs. Mojave

A video compression speed and file size comparison using Apple Compressor between macOS Mojave and Catalina. This will be of interest to video editors and media creators.

An Exercise in Frustration: Retrospect 16

Retrospect 16 – powerful, flexible and, handicapped by out-of-date tutorials and an unhelpful User Guide, very, very difficult for the new user to learn.

Final Cut Pro X: Effects Presets

An illustrated tutorial on how to create, apply and delete effects presets in Apple Final Cut Pro X.

How to Remove Plugins from Final Cut Pro X

An illustrated – and quick – guide to finding and deleting plugins for Apple Final Cut Pro X.

Regain Storage Space – Delete Older FCP X Backups

A quick tutorial on what Final Cut Pro X Library backup files are, where they are stored and how to delete them.

Book Review: “The Filmmakers HandBook” (Fifth Edition)

A review of “The Filmmaker’s Handbook” by Steven Ascher and Edward Pincus.

Configure the 2019 Mac Pro for Video Editing [u]

Larry Jordan reflects on the new 2019 Mac Pro, who it’s designed for, and how to configure it for media editing.

First Look: Post Haste from Digital Rebellion

Post Haste can help you get organized right at the start of a project by creating folders and files automatically, and in a format you control. This free app is worth a look – here are the details.

Product Review: Image Chest, by Armpit Studios [u]

Image Chest is a Mac app that catalogs and finds images. This is a helpful app for managing all the stills associated with a video project. It isn’t perfect, but it is worth a look. Here are the details.

How To Archive Apple Motion & Compressor

You can make backup copies of Motion and Compressor. Here’s the steps you need to take.

Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X, Motion & Compressor

Apple updated Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor on Dec. 10, 2019. Here’s a list of what’s new and where to find release notes for past versions.

QuickTime Isn’t a Thing

A look at what QuickTime is, what’s changed over time and references to learn more.

Caution: Problems Archiving LaCie RAID Drives

In spite of their documentation, LaCie hard drives, when formatted as RAIDs, are not hot-swappable. Here’s a write-up from Loren Miller that explains the problem.

Premiere Pro: Export Faster with Smart Render

Smart Rendering is a media optimization strategy that speeds renders and exports in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This explains what you need to know.

Secrets of Dual-Channel Audio in Premiere Pro CC

An illustrated tutorial on how to set audio clips in Premiere to dual-channel mono for more control in mixing. Plus, a very cool technique for processing audio clips in a batch!

Secrets of Dual-Channel Audio in FCP X

An illustrated tutorial on how to change audio channels from stereo to dual-channel mono in Apple Final Cut Pro X, how to adjust pan, and how to process multiple clips at once in a batch.

Create the Audio First for a Motion Graphic Video

An explanation of why creating the audio track first is essential to creating a successful motion graphic video.