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Make Your Videos Look Great In Quicktime

In this article Larry exhibits how to maintain better control over your clips with QuickTime.

FCP 7: A Hidden Multicam Secret

I want to share with you something I discovered while working with an AccuSys RAID that totally surprised me. This has NOTHING to do with the RAID itself, but having the RAID made it possible for me to discover this.

Cool New Compressor Droplet Technique!

After years of using Compressor Droplets to automate video compression, a very helpful tip has been discovered to engineer Droplets to contain multiple settings. Larry illustrates this simple and innovative process.

Hardware Review: Accusys EXASAN A08S-OS

The good folks at AccuSys contacted me recently about reviewing their new A08S-PS. This is an 8-bay Tower RAID designed for media professionals. I told them I’d be delighted to look at it, so a few weeks ago, it showed up on my doorstop.

FCP 7: Thoughts On Working With Tapeless Media

As part of my recent research for the Tapeless and DSLR Media webinar, I sent a note to a variety of editors asking for their thoughts on working with tapeless media. Specifically, I wanted to learn what problems they were running into. I was fascinated by the results.

Make Solid Objects Disappear With BCC Motion Key 

Recently, I was asked to give a demo of the latest Boris Continuum Complete plug-in suite at the LA Final Cut Pro User Group, and this is how it works.

Using Submixes in Soundtrack Pro

Submixes allow us to group audio tracks in Soundtrack Pro. This allows us to apply to adjust the volume, apply an effect, or create separate outputs for a group of tracks. Just as nesting in Final Cut Pro allows us to do things that we can’t using individual tracks, submixes provide the same opportunity to us in Soundtrack Pro. This article shows you how.