So, Where Was Final Cut Pro, Apple?

[Updated 7 PM, Nov. 6, 2023, with Apple’s press release announcing a new version of FCP for Mac and iPad.]

Corrected 3 PM, Nov. 6, 2023. I learned that Final Cut Pro was mentioned once during the presentation. I corrected the third paragraph. I’m sorry for the error.] 

Late this afternoon, after this article was posted and the FCP Creative Summit began, Apple announced a future version of Final Cut Pro for the Mac (v.10.7) and iPad (v.1.3).  The press release indicated the new version would be available “later this month” in the Mac App store.

Link: Timeline Scrolling Comes to Final Cut Pro—Plus Other New Features

In Apple’s recent introduction of their M3-series chips, the screen shots revealed a puzzling story. Apple launched their most powerful computers ever – but Final Cut was nowhere to be seen.

It was not shown in any screen shot and it was only mentioned once. Why was Final Cut not featured – even once – in the screen shots?

NOTE: John Gruber of Daring Fireball, reported that “‘Scary Fast’ was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, not Apple’s own Final Cut Pro. Make of that what you will.”

(Click to see larger image. Courtesy Apple Inc. from their M3 launch video.)

Adobe Premiere, though it was not mentioned by name, was shown on screen five different times. (Four of the shots are illustrated above, the one in the lower left was repeated.)

(Click to see larger image. Courtesy Apple Inc. from their M3 launch video.)

DaVinci Resolve was shown at least once, as well as heavily featured in Apple’s “Behind the Scenes” video.

(Click to see larger image. Courtesy Apple Inc. from their M3 launch video.)

After Effects was shown twice (see above). Also at least one, perhaps two audio applications were featured – three times. I think they were Logic and/or Protools, but I don’t know either well enough to identify it based on what what shown.

(Click to see larger image. Courtesy Apple Inc. from their M3 launch video.)

I first thought this image was another video NLE, but it’s actually from Lightroom – another Adobe product.


This is the first Apple event that I can remember where FCP wasn’t even mentioned. Is this due to neglect, disinterest, a lack of management focus…? Apple marketing does nothing by accident, but I’m not sure what the message is here.

If intentional, this was a significant missed opportunity because – based on all my tests – FCP is still the fastest NLE on the Mac. Its multicam editing is unparalleled in performance and capability. And it processes iPhone video better than anything else available today.

In spite of that, it has clearly fallen out of favor with the “powers-that-be” at Apple. It is falling ever more behind the competition – and our expectations. Unless something changes soon, the future does not look good.


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  1. Doug says:

    I was certain one of the women presenting the new machines mentioned Final Cut Pro at the end of a list of NLEs. You’re absolutely correct that it wasn’t shown, but without rewatching the event, I would wager that I recall one singular reference to Final Cut Pro.

  2. Jim McQuaid says:

    I just watched that Apple video about the M3 chips and new laptops. It shows / mentions hardware code support for Prores and it mentions video editing as a task supported by new hardware and finally Final Cut, Premiere and Davinci Resolve are all called out by name, if briefly.

  3. Chris NORTH says:

    Let’s be optimistic – at least until we know for sure what Apple intends for FCP. It is ‘possible’ that they have a big upgrade under wraps that they want to showcase all on its own. Many of us turned to Apple because of Final Cut and I certainly won’t buy another Mac unless they keep up with FCP.

  4. Craig Seeman says:

    I’d note that FCP Creative Summit is listed as “In Association with…” Apple and NABShow. When was the last time Apple and NAB were doing anything together, especially around FCP?

    I can’t help but think something is up. I’m not sure if it’s FCP-specific. Perhaps it’s a cloud-based workflow competing with Adobe FrameIO and Blackmagic Cloud.

    In any case, I can’t help but think that FCP Creative Summit and NABShow is an unusual combination.

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    • Larry says:


      Actually, it’s not that nefarious. The FCP Creative Summit is produced by Future Media Concepts. The same people that provide training at NAB shows. This is a licensing deal allowing Future Media to use Apple’s name and software. This is NOT an Apple/NAB production. It is a Future Media production, licensed from Apple.


  5. David k says:

    New version announced today, Nov 6.

  6. Jon Lindemann says:

    According to TidBits, post-production was done out of house by “” which may also help explain why FCP wasn’t used (if that company uses another NLE).

    • Larry says:

      Interesting. Company 3 is a huge collection of post houses. I first got to know them when working in LA. They tend tend to handle large, big budget productions.


  7. Sandra Vieille says:

    I have heard that Envato Elements ceased operations in 2023. Do you know if that is true?

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