So, Where Was Final Cut Pro, Apple?

[Updated 7 PM, Nov. 6, 2023, with Apple’s press release announcing a new version of FCP for Mac and iPad.]

Corrected 3 PM, Nov. 6, 2023. I learned that Final Cut Pro was mentioned once during the presentation. I corrected the third paragraph. I’m sorry for the error.] 

Late this afternoon, after this article was posted and the FCP Creative Summit began, Apple announced a future version of Final Cut Pro for the Mac (v.10.7) and iPad (v.1.3).  The press release indicated the new version would be available “later this month” in the Mac App store.

Link: Timeline Scrolling Comes to Final Cut Pro—Plus Other New Features

In Apple’s recent introduction of their M3-series chips, the screen shots revealed a puzzling story. Apple launched their most powerful computers ever – but Final Cut was nowhere to be seen.

It was not shown in any screen shot and it was only mentioned once. Why was Final Cut not featured – even once – in the screen shots?

NOTE: John Gruber of Daring Fireball, reported that “‘Scary Fast’ was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, not Apple’s own Final Cut Pro. Make of that what you will.”

(Click to see larger image. Courtesy Apple Inc. from their M3 launch video.)

Adobe Premiere, though it was not mentioned by name, was shown on screen five different times. (Four of the shots are illustrated above, the one in the lower left was repeated.)

(Click to see larger image. Courtesy Apple Inc. from their M3 launch video.)

DaVinci Resolve was shown at least once, as well as heavily featured in Apple’s “Behind the Scenes” video.

(Click to see larger image. Courtesy Apple Inc. from their M3 launch video.)

After Effects was shown twice (see above). Also at least one, perhaps two audio applications were featured – three times. I think they were Logic and/or Protools, but I don’t know either well enough to identify it based on what what shown.

(Click to see larger image. Courtesy Apple Inc. from their M3 launch video.)

I first thought this image was another video NLE, but it’s actually from Lightroom – another Adobe product.


This is the first Apple event that I can remember where FCP wasn’t even mentioned. Is this due to neglect, disinterest, a lack of management focus…? Apple marketing does nothing by accident, but I’m not sure what the message is here.

If intentional, this was a significant missed opportunity because – based on all my tests – FCP is still the fastest NLE on the Mac. Its multicam editing is unparalleled in performance and capability. And it processes iPhone video better than anything else available today.

In spite of that, it has clearly fallen out of favor with the “powers-that-be” at Apple. It is falling ever more behind the competition – and our expectations. Unless something changes soon, the future does not look good.


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  1. Yeah, just waiting for the FCP 7 moment!

  2. David K says:

    It’s been years since we could feel that Apple had our interests in mind. For me, the trust was lost at the disastrous intro of X

  3. Shaun Fothergill says:

    it’s very concerning because if like me many have invested heavily in the ecosystem. Whilst it’s true most software providers for FCP allow the use of two computers but often not two different NLE’s ! This could mean that things are going to get very expensive for some. As you say sigh..

  4. Also note that Blackmagic’s iPhone app was used to shoot the entire event…

  5. Sal says:

    I think it’s time to seriously consider to stop purchasing FCPX only products.

    • Larry says:


      If you are still using FCP, there’s no reason not to buy products that will make your editing easier.

      Besides, small developers need your support.


      • Clayton Moore says:

        Yes, support developers whenever you can. I will say, [that] I [would] like to see “some” FCP-only plugins also find their way to Resolve as well.

  6. Richard George says:

    Apple to acquire Black Magic?

  7. Jesse says:

    I noticed this during the event also, but Apple just recently released the iPad version of FCP — I don’t think they’re ditching it now, especially because they’ll want to have their own software to handle the 3D footage for the VisionPro. I think they do want to emphasize that Premiere and Resolve work great on the Mac because that software is ubiquitous in professional settings, but I don’t think FCP is going away.

    • Clayton Moore says:

      I was thinking Apple may not be discontinuing it at all but, be in the process of repositioning (re-branding) the software away from the high end broadcast feature, traditionally pro market, and more clearly /willfully/specifically, to the advanced enthusiast, semi-pro, Youtuber, market.

      • Al Davis says:

        I think Apple abandoned pro users when they moved to FCP X. As Larry pointed out, it still functions quite well, but their intent was clear. Prosumer at best.
        I always like “Motion” because it was “right out of the box” usable.
        I have long since have moved onto AE – because it’s so much more…

        Apple knows that Adobe and Resolve “are their daddy”; and I doubt they care.

  8. Patrick Flaherty says:

    I’ve heard a lot of different people talking about this fact that FCP was not mentioned and one positive reaction I heard was the reason Mac didn’t mention it was because FCP is already running on their macs, and they are marketing their macs to Adobe and DaVinci. I guess only time will tell. Crossing my fingers that Apple will show some love FCP at this week’s forum.

    • Al B says:

      That to me, seems like a very logical reason for leaving it out. These new Mac 3s are likely to be targeted at that high-end user. Most of the rest of us have no reason to be upgrading a Mac M1 or M2.

    • Larry says:


      I just learned that Apple DID mention FCP, once, during the presentation (thanks, Jim!). But the M3 is as much an upgrade system as it is for new users.

      I’m very curious to see what happens at the FCP Creative Summit today – that may have a bearing as well.


  9. Michael says:

    What a shame if they scrapped FCP. Once I got my head round the wholesale changes from FCP 7 I found it a much more intuitive and helpful tool for creative thinking than Premiere (and FCP 7). It was a joy to work with! For much of its time it has been stable and reliable too. Not so much these days – with several annoying bugs particularly with text. I was hoping it would get some TLC at last weeks event but it does feel like it’s being abandoned. Well I would consider the drastic action of forsaking future Mac OS versions if it meant I could still run FCP. We’re not at that stage yet – I just updated to Sonoma yesterday and FCP still runs (with bugs) so we’ll have another year at least!🙂

    • Larry says:


      It is an interesting series of questions. I don’t think Apple will “scrap” FCP, instead, they might develop it more slowly than we would like.


  10. Clayton Moore says:

    As far as the FCP Summit is concerned, of course Apple will be there and help sponsor but that really says nothing about how they see the software as it relates to the same market that Adobe and BlackMagic are aiming at. As long as Apple see’s some value in keeping it alive they will, until they won’t. It really does not matter what they say publicly at all at the Summit or anywhere else. Anyone who has been using technology professionally for 20+ years knows anything can go away overnight, or not.

    • Larry says:


      All good points. However, last year, Apple introduced some very modest new features in FCP at the Summit. I’m curious as to what they do – if anything – at this year’s Summit.


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