Larry Jordan is the GO TO for ALL VIDEO EDITING & more! Beginner, Intermediate or PRO, everyone will benefit tremendously. Mr. Jordan has decades of experience and knows what we want and what we’re thinking behind our work. So he’s not only teaching software, Larry teaches knowledge & experience: WISDOM!!

Oscar Bustamante, Fluid Vision Inc.

Larry Jordan has the most extraordinary ability to teach what appears mind-bogglingly complicated in a well structured, interesting and insightful way. Humor is not far away either. An industry professional for decades, his knowledge and enthusiasm for all that he teaches is infectious.

As a customer of his for over 8 years, Larry is my first and only choice for training. I cannot recommend his work highly enough.

Michael Powles, UK

For the last two decades, I have relied on Larry Jordan for reliable industry information, the latest thoughts on what works, and often as a “safety check” to make sure I’m on the right path.

Larry doesn’t use clickbait and provides integrity when disseminating information. His personal training style is friendly and informative, with solutions presented in a manner that is easy to digest and difficult to forget.

He is a touchstone for many in our industry and welcomes input from the community. He’s one of us.

Jacob Hodgman, Adelaide, Australia

Like we say in Chile, South America: “Larry es mi copiloto.” (That means that Larry is my partner on the road.)

I am very grateful for the knowledge acquired as I learn how to work in video editing with Larry’s training. I feel confident and ready to take my different projects.

Rodrigo Quiroz, El Fuego Content Studio, Chile




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