Troubleshoot Adobe Premiere Pro

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Most of the time, Adobe Premiere Pro works great. But, what do you do when it doesn’t? Here are some trouble-shooting techniques you can use when Premiere Pro dies.

Unlike Final Cut Pro, where trashing preferences can improve the stability of the program, Premiere doesn’t use preference files the same way. While you can trash them – press and hold Option (Alt on Windows)  while restarting Premiere – most of the time, you don’t need to bother.

First, make sure that this isn’t a problem that Adobe is aware of.

Visit Known Issues in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Next, Adobe created a variety of webpages specifically for trouble-shooting Premiere. For example:

This second troubleshooting page provides three categories of help:


MotionArray published a series of video troubleshooting techniques specifically for Premiere. These currently consist of seven titles:


As well, for more macOS problems, here’s a troubleshooting guide that I wrote:

When Things Go Wrong – Troubleshooting Your Mac

Hopefully, your version of Premiere will run smoothly whenever you need it. However, when problems crop up, now you’ve got places to visit for help.

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3 Responses to Troubleshoot Adobe Premiere Pro

  1. I use the Adobe support chat team and let them do it. This is what we all pay for.

  2. Jan Smeets says:

    Same as Janette Miller I use the support group works great

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