Premiere Pro CC: Larry’s Top 25 Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted on by Larry

These aren’t all the shortcuts I use, but they are my favorites. Add your favorites in the comments, below.

NOTE: It may be easier for FCP 7 editors moving to Premiere Pro CC to change the shortcut options in Premiere to match FCP 7 shortcuts. However, I prefer using Premiere shortcuts in Premiere and Final Cut shortcuts in Final Cut.

Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts  
ShortcutWhat It Does
Cmd + IImport Media
Cmd + MExport project media
Option + Cmd + NCreate new project
Cmd + NCreate new sequence
Cmd + SSave project
ISet the In
Option + IDelete the In
OSet the Out
Option +ODelete the Out
Option + XDelete the In and the Out
VSelect the Selection (Arrow) tool
SToggle Snapping on or off
MSet marker at the position of playhead
~Toggle panel containing cursor full-screen
CmdToggle trim tool modes when hovering over edit point
[ period ]Perform an Overwrite edit
[ comma ]Perform an Insert edit
Shift + 5Display the Effects Controls panel
Shift + 7Display the Effects panel
Cmd + TCreate a new title
Cmd + RChange clip speed or duration
Cmd + DApply default transition to selected edit point or clip(s)
Option + Left arrow / Option + Right arrowMove selected edit point or clip one frame left / right
Shift + Option + Left arrow / Shift + Option + Right arrowMove selected edit point or clip ten frames left / right
Cmd + LLink/unlink audio from video
Cmd + GGroup selected clips


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