Find Duplicated Media in Final Cut Pro

Two days ago, I received an urgent email from Tony:

“Can you tell me what the diagonal stripes on audio clips mean in the current version of FCPX. They are a bloody nuisance and I would like to get rid of them.”

Sure. These indicate media – audio or video – which you are using more than once in your project.

Back in the distant days when we shot film, rather than digital files, there was only one copy of the film master. It was critically important that an editor know if they were repeating any source media, because the process of creating extra film prints of source masters tended to degrade image quality.

So, Apple added this visual alert.

Now days, reusing the same shot seems to be a common way of editing – especially for news and documentaries. So this alert may not be as helpful to you.

This display is easy to turn on or off using View > Show/Hide Duplicate Ranges.


With duplicate media display enabled, open the Timeline Index. This highlights all clips that are used more than once in the current project with hash lines.

NOTE: Only clips in the currently active project are displayed. This does not search across multiple projects.

Select a clip in the timeline or Timeline Index and those clips that use duplicated media from that selected clip are highlighted in blue. This makes it very easy to quickly locate where duplicate shots are used.

Click the small chevron in the search box (red arrow) to only display clips with duplicated media in the Timeline Index.

NOTE: To disable this display, simply clear the search box.

I really like how fast and easy it is to find media you are using more than once.

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