FCP X: Create a Subclip

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FCP X: Create a Subclip

The following technique was sent in by Roger Jönsson. (I’ve added a few notes to expand on his original email.)

A couple of months ago I was trying to figure out how to create subclips in FCP X. I researched it and everybody said it could not be done. They told me that I would have to use Favorites tagging and then name the Favorite in the Event Browser.

However, I discovered a much easier way to create subclips.

In the Event Browser, set a selection range on the clip you want to create a subclip from. (Use the Range Selection tool, “R“, in the Event Browser to quickly select a range.)

Then create a new compound clip using either the File menu, right-clicking the clip, or typing Option+G.

Voila! A dialogue window opens and you create a subclip that can be named pretty much as you would in Premiere Pro, or Final Cut Pro 7, when using the Create Subclip feature.

I don’t know if this is something new, but it works fine.

NOTE: Click Use Custom Settings to change the video format or timecode of the compound clip.

Larry replies: Thanks, Roger. This is a great tip. It isn’t new, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful!


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2 Responses to FCP X: Create a Subclip

  1. John Phillips says:

    Hi Larry

    Yes that’s precisely the way I worked out too. This is very useful for putting exactly what you want in a drop zone in a Motion 5 template.
    However Motion 5 drop zones do not support audio.
    Also I find drop zones have to be created individually in Motion 5 to appear in a FCPX generator, copying and pasting then renaming (to preserve all the adjustments that have been set) to make new ones looks fine in the Motion 5 timeline but only the original drop zone appears in the generator?

    Have I missed something in Motion, I don’t use it often.

    cheers John

  2. Thanks! I’d been hunting through tutorials and books and getting nowhere. This worked great. I do concerts with a static camera recording the whole thing and a hand held for closeups etc. This allows me to set ranges on individual songs and make multicam clips from the subclip and hand held cam.

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