FCP X: Media Management Collection

Posted on by Larry

I’ve written a lot about media management in Final Cut Pro X. So, here, I collected all my articles in one spot to make them easier to find. (These are relevant to version 10.1 or later.)


Update FCP X Events and Projects

Create Project Snapshots


Apple Updates Media Management in FCP X v.10.1.2

Media Management is the Biggest Change in Final Cut Pro X v10.1

Move or Copy Libraries, Events, Clips or Projects

Manage Libraries

When to Use Optimized, Proxy, or Native Media

How to Divide Large Libraries

How to Convert Managed to External Media

Manage Projects

Set Performance Preferences

Find Media Using Keywords

Thoughts on Editing with Final Cut Pro X (v. 10.1)

Change Project Settings

Project Collaboration

Export a Master File


Backup and Restore

Restore Projects From Library Backup Files


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4 Responses to FCP X: Media Management Collection

  1. Larry, If you’ve migrated a 10.9 project to 10.1 and all the media files have been copied, can you move the media files out of the Library and keep the project intact? What is the procedure here?

  2. Kevin says:

    hi larry … editing 4K on fcpx is a puzzle to me … will this imac be able to handle it: 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX late 2012


    • Larry says:


      “What do I need to edit 4K?” is a good question, but it is the wrong question. It is like asking “what do I need to drive a car?” It all depends upon the situation.

      MUCH!!! more critical than resolution (4K) is the codec and bit depth of your files, along with the size and speed of your external storage. Your computer will be fine for most files. However, your storage may be totally inadequate.

      Some 4K files, such as ProRes, can be edited easily. Other files, like LogC or RAW need seriously fast storage. “4K” files range from 60 MB/sec to 2,000 MB/sec in data transfer rates.

      My concern is that your computer is five years old, with a medium-to-slow speed CPU. This can most likely handle 4K optimized and proxy files, but your GPU is also five years old and not that powerful. Depending upon codec and bit-depth, it may get overwhelmed.

      If you need to use this system, plan on using Proxies to edit your 4K media.


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