How to Display High-Quality Full-Screen Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

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The easiest way to display any panel full-screen in Adobe Premiere is to select the panel you want to enlarge. This displays a blue box around the panel.

Then press the grave accent key (`). On US keyboards this is just below the ESC key. This enlarges the selected panel full screen.

I use this constantly to see a larger version of the timeline, Project panel or Program monitor. This works regardless of whether you have one or more monitors attached to your computer and regardless of the resolution or color accuracy of the monitor.

Press ESC or the grave key (`) to return to normal size.


But, if you need to trust the colors that the monitor is showing, you need to set its resolution and color space, then feed it a video signal.

Recently, I purchased a BenQ PD2725 computer monitor to act as my color grading monitor. Why? Because it supports 100% of both sRGB and Rec. 709 color spaces. (Other monitors that meet these specs will also work.)  While I’m writing a review of this monitor separately, here’s how to use it as a color grading monitor.

NOTE: DataColor makes color calibration tools to verify the accuracy of monitor colors. If absolute, precise accuracy is critical, look into their Spyder series of calibrators.

My system currently includes a 16″ MacBook Pro (M1 Pro SoC), plus LG HDR 4K and BenQ PD2725 monitors. For this tutorial, I’ll switch the BenQ to be a video monitor.

NOTE: I haven’t tested to see if this works when the monitor is connected via Thunderbolt. I know it works when the monitor is connected via HDMI or DisplayPort.

For best results, you need to change two settings:

Monitor Resolution

If you principally edit vertical video, first rotate your monitor 90° by changing the Rotation setting. Most, but not all, computer monitors support physical rotation; their stands, however, may not.

From the resolutions displayed, pick the one indicated by a red arrow that equals or exceeds the frame size of your sequence. This is important. Choosing a non-standard frame size disables this feature. For video, there are five important resolutions:

NOTE: 5K monitors would also support True 4K (4096 x 2160) and 5K (5120 x 2700) resolutions.

Monitor color space.

These options vary by monitor. However, while the wording may change, choose:

Close the Display settings to automatically save your choices.

NOTE: After writing this I realized I was unclear on whether we need to set color space on both the Mac and the monitor, just the Mac, or just the monitor. I’ve contacted a couple of monitor vendors to learn more and will update this when I have more complete information.


My system currently has three monitors attached. (This technique works the same if you only have two monitors.)

In my case, I want to put Premiere on LG monitor #1, display full-screen color-accurate video on LG monitor #2 and leave my laptop monitor free for other applications – like email, web browser or taking notes.

The benefit to this setup is that, provided my second monitor accurately displays Rec. 709 color space, I can use that second monitor for color grading and know that the colors I’m seeing on it are what the viewer will see.

Here’s how.

I make sure the Premiere interface is displayed on the 1080 monitor. Then, the instant I click a clip in the Timeline or display it in the Source monitor, it will appear full-screen in the second monitor.

Use all the standard keyboard shortcuts to play your sequence, then watch it full-screen on the second monitor.

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2 Responses to How to Display High-Quality Full-Screen Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

  1. Gregg Kubera says:

    My PC doesn’t have an “Apple Menu” !
    …any suggestions for non fruit-based computing?
    …It’s more a “Ventana” issue 😉

    • Larry says:


      Works the same way. Same preferences. The only thing I don’t know is how to set display preferences in the Windows control panel.


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