CAUTION: Final Cut Pro 10.6.9 Has a Serious Bug [fixed]

[Update: On Oct. 5, Apple released FCP 10.6.10, which fixes this bug. A similar bug in Motion was also fixed.]

Earlier this week, Apple updated Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor to support the new log video recorded by an iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

However, the FCP 10.6.9 update breaks all FxFactory products that perform object tracking or face recognition through the Title layer. Given the vast number of FxFactory plugins used in our industry, this is a significant bug.

FxFactory reports: “Regrettably this constitutes the entirety of our catalog featuring object tracking or face detection, since developers and users alike have come to favor the Title layer for its flexibility.”

Because of the large number of products affected, FXFactory recommends that you do not apply this update.

For now, unless you absolutely need to process log video from an iPhone, my recommendation is to hold off updating Final Cut Pro until Apple provides a release that fixes these bugs.

I have not heard any problems with upgrades for Compressor or Motion.

NOTE: I reached out to Apple for more information and will update this report if I learn anything. For now, assume that, if you’ve upgraded, there’s no way to go back to an earlier version.


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12 Responses to CAUTION: Final Cut Pro 10.6.9 Has a Serious Bug [fixed]

  1. Rick Rohrkemper says:

    This usually works for me –I compress FCPX it becomes a zip file, then download current version – if the current version does not work/bugs I delete and then expand the zipped version. But you must compress first. Maybe you can give a better description.

  2. Dave says:

    I would say that FCP 10.6.5 was the last truly stable and robust release. Perhaps, 10.6.6 is okay, but I wouldn’t de-stabilize my setup just for FCP on iPad compatibility.

    FCP 10.6.9 also requires macOS Ventura 13.4 or Sonoma (when it’s released).

    Note: if you use Time Machine or other similar backup SW, you should be able to revert to earlier versions of FCP.

    • Larry says:


      I agree that since 10.6.5 releases have not been particularly stable.

      I think use Time Machine is a GREAT idea – I’ll give it a try.


      • Dave says:

        Larry, a BIG caveat…

        If you have opened a Library in a newer version of FCP (beyond 10.6.5, let’s say), the Library format has been updated (at least twice going to 10.6.9). You won’t be able to use newer or updated Libraries with an older version of FCP once updated. It’s a good idea to duplicate Libraries (and add an FCP version annotation in the name) in order to know which is compatible with a particular FCP version.

        A workaround is to export an XML of the Library prior to reverting back to an earlier FCP version. Then import that XML to use in the older FCP version.

        And, as always, it’s a good idea to turn off automatic SW updates for FCP and macOS (though leaving on security updates is a good idea).

        • Larry says:


          This is a very good note. I thought about the incompatibility of earlier FCP versions to read later ones – but you explained it faster than I did.

          There’s really no easy way to go back. If you don’t notice problems immediately after upgrading and start to create new work, going back really isn’t an option – aside from creating the XML version you describe.

          Thanks for adding this comment.


  3. Fortunately I was able to restore 10.6.8 from my TimeMachine backup.. The only thing missing that I wanted to try (I don’t have an iPhone 15 Pro YET, it’s on back order) is grading with Apple LOG footage from the iPhone… I’ve downloaded some shared footage users have kindly shared for private testing, was impressed by the simplicity of having the Apple LOG lut built in to 10.6.9…

    I was disappointed the Apple LOG lut is not a .cube file in the FCP 10.6.9 package, so you can’t use it in third party grading plugins as an input LUT.. Not that you’d need to, if 10.6.9 worked properly… but anyone who needs to stick with 10.6.8 for now, until the tracking on title layers bug is fixed will have to rely on third party LUTs which most people appear to be charging for..

    Anyway – if you are registered with the Apple Developer program, the Apple LOG lut is available free as a .cube file from

    Simply download that, then you can use 10.6.8 (if you still have it) and import the Apple LUT into whatever grading plugin you’re using, or as a Custom Input LUT in the FCP inspector.. Voila. Stable working tracking AND support for iPhone 15 LOG footage.

    Tbh – I was hoping Apple would have issued a patch for the bug by now, so this method might at least be useful until they do…

  4. Chris North says:

    Fortunately I’m still on Monterey so the FCP 10.6.9 does not show as an available update since it is not compatible with Monterey. It’s good to be behind the times sometimes !

  5. John Hanrahan says:

    Seems they issued an update (V 10.6.10) on 10/5/23 that may have fixed it.

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