CAUTION: Apple Final Cut Pro (Mac) 10.8 No Longer Supports DVD Burning

Posted on by Larry

Hidden at the bottom of the latest release notes for the 10.8 update to Final Cut Pro is this innocuous phrase: “Removes support for disc burning.

This means that, starting with this version, you will no longer be able to burn DVDs directly using Final Cut.

NOTE: While Compressor still encodes files for DVD and Blu-ray Disc using the MPEG-2 presets, it no longer burns them. For that, you would need a third-party application; like Roxio Toast.

Over the years, fewer and fewer people created DVDs using FCP. Given that Apple is always watching the market to figure out what features are necessary, they likely decided that there weren’t enough people burning DVDs to continue supporting this function.

HOWEVER, if burning DVDs are important to you, Apple and Corel, the developer of Roxio Toast, have teamed up to provide a 50% discount to Toast 20 Pro, which is optimized for the latest Mac hardware and is full of pro-level options.


This discount is good for a several weeks, but won’t last forever.

Key DVD features in Toast 20 Pro include:

However, Toast 20 Pro has extensive features that go far beyond DVD burning. This link  has all the details.

I’ve used Roxio Toast in the past and found it to be useful and fully supported by Corel. Even better, it is available for purchase, not subscription.

And saving 50% for software you own is always good.

NOTE: I don’t make any money if you buy through these links, but this special offer was not promoted elsewhere so I wanted to let you know.

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17 Responses to CAUTION: Apple Final Cut Pro (Mac) 10.8 No Longer Supports DVD Burning

  1. Andrew Findlay says:

    Hi Larry
    Is Dvd burning, or disc image creation, still supported in the new version of Compressor…?

    • Larry Jordan says:


      While Compressor still encodes files for DVD and Blu-ray Disc using the MPEG-2 presets, it no longer burns them. For that, you would need a third-party application; like Roxio Toast. Compressor’s Help Files explain how to configure the preset. Search for “DVD”.


      • Lucas Barker says:

        Well, this stinks. At work I use an outdated version of Compressor (on a 13-year-old iMac) to burn discs with closed captions (we still have several older customers who rely on them). My supervisor would love to pull that Mac out of my office, but making discs with closed captions is a must-have for us.

        I know I’m an outlier, but we still exist.

  2. Mark Gilmour says:

    Hello Larry, I’m very happy the new Compressor 4.8 still encodes to mp2 files. My solution to creating dvds is as follows:
    I have 2 each Mac Minis Mid 2011
    Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.5
    DVD Studio Pro vs 4.2.2
    This setup works fine as I still have customers that request dvds too. Hope this helps someone who can use this information. Thank you for your wisdom and help.

  3. Philip Snyder says:


    There are several MPEG-2 presets in Compressor 4.8. Which is the one that would be used for creating DVDs and/or Blu-rays? Also, would that include audio as well?

  4. mark suszko says:

    I wonder how much of the decline in dvd burning is self- fulfilling: the harder you make it to do, the more people drop away from using it.

    My question is, how would I burn a data disk dvd full of h.264 files and stills?

    • Larry Jordan says:

      I’m n the past you could use macOS, which may still be supported, I’ll have to check.

      Otherwise, Roxio Toast is a great utility.


      • Richard Hale says:

        Image files burned from the Finder outside of FCP would have to be supported or even Steve Jobs would turn over in his grave..

  5. Keith Woolford says:

    Mmm, would just updating FCP and leaving Compressor as is, be an answer to burning future disks?

    • Larry Jordan says:

      Not really. They generally need to be in sync.

      It’s generally better to grab an older computer like a Mac mini and use that for earlier versions.



  6. Constance Marie Beutel says:

    Thank you Larry. I have a client who needs a DVD and this responds nicely to that need. And, you couldn’t be more timely as I have a project for them that’s due this week.

  7. Caesar Darias says:

    About three years ago, Best Buy stopped selling Blu-rays and DVDs. I saw a small display earlier this year at one store. They must have stumbled onto some inventory of old titles at the back of some warehouse. I thought it was ridiculous that they were charging premium prices… I like discs because the quality of the image is so much better than TV/streaming. And I learn from the extras and director and crew commentaries. Watching movies on some streaming services and TVs look very unnatural. People seem to glide on the screen… I wonder is clients of wedding videographers, for example, still ask for discs. I would put this decision by Apple under the category of Unnecessary. It was there, bothering no one and not causing any problems.. And some people benefited from it’s availability.

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