Blackmagic Design Introduces the URSA Cine 12K Camera

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Last week, I made a comment about the URSA Cine 12K camera that was introduced by Blackmagic Design at the 2024 NAB Show. At the time, there was a lot of confusion about what the camera could do.

So, I reached out to Blackmagic to learn more. Their PR team responded with this update.

Click to see larger image. (All images courtesy of Blackmagic Design.)

The URSA Cine 12K uses a complete newly-designed large format RGBW 36x24mm sensor with larger photo-sites and 16 stops of dynamic range.

It’s unique RGBW architecture provides equal amounts of red, green and blue pixels, which means it’s able to deliver incredibly rich colors at all resolutions. Additionally, its sensor scaling means users can record in 4K, 8K or 12K using the entire sensor without cropping. This retains the full field of view of the lens. There are even 9K Super 35 4-perf, 3-perf and 2-perf modes for full compatibility with classic cinema lenses.

The URSA Cine 12K has flexible frame rate and resolution options: Users can shoot 100 fps in 12K 12,288 x 6480 17:9 or 120 fps in 12K 2.4:1 widescreen. For higher frame rates, users can shoot 144 fps at 8192 x 5360, 180 fps at 8192 x 3408 and even capture 8K 2.4:1 widescreen at an incredible 224 fps at 8,192 x 3,408.

Support for multiple lens mounts. Click to see larger image.

In a follow-up briefing with Blackmagic, I asked who they saw as the market for this camera, seeing as we can’t currently view a full 12K image on any computer monitor?

Bob Caniglia, Director of Sales Operations for Blackmagic Design Americas, responded:

“The URSA Cine 12K was designed to meet the demands of high end cinematic production, including virtual production and VFX plates. It was designed with those workflows in mind and we really examined each aspect to make sure they serve that purpose.

“Whether it was designing our own high speed built-in storage to support recording at high resolutions and frame rates, or integrating the Blackmagic Cloud workflow with dual recording Blackmagic RAW and proxies for an integrated post production workflow, or adding the hardware streaming engine that allows you to live stream shoots directly to your clients, the camera is designed to meet not only the needs of today’s cinematic productions but also where we see these workflows evolving to.

“That’s why it’s not merely a 12K camera; it can also shoot in 4K, 8K and Super 35 9K.

Lots of connections. Click to see larger image.

“Building on these design goals, we’re also currently working on the URSA Cine 17K, which will feature an even more advanced full frame 17K 65mm sensor and is for shooting in IMAX-style resolutions. Our dream is to make high resolution shooting really easy since we think we’re on the verge of a whole new viewing experience for audiences.”

Larry adds: You can learn more about the URSA Cine 12K camera here.


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