Apple Introduces macOS Sequoia – Now What?

Posted on by Larry

Last week, at WWDC 2024, Apple announced macOS Sequoia (v15.0). The big news is Apple Intelligence, Apple’s implementation of artificial intelligence at the operating system level. These announcements are covered extensively across the web, I don’t need to summarize them here.

NOTE: But, if you want Apple’s take, here’s a link to their press release.

The BIG question for media creators is: What now?

The good news is that, for now, we don’t need to do anything. The initial beta releases of macOS Sequoia do not include any Apple Intelligence features. And, frankly, you should not download any beta software to systems that you rely on to get work done.

Personally, I stopped downloading betas years ago. My job is to get my projects done on time and on budget. The people that are most interested in beta versions are developers and I’m happy to let them play with it.

Even after Apple Intelligence shows up in the beta versions, I’m still not downloading the new OS as a beta. Life is too short to spend time chasing bugs when there are projects to edit.

NOTE: You are welcome to download beta software, just remember it has, by definition, bugs that range from moderate to severe. If you enjoy bug chasing – and when I was younger I had great fun swatting bugs – feel free to participate. If your patience runs short in these areas, then hold off downloading beta versions.

Apple won’t release the final version of macOS Sequoia until the fall. Even then, I recommend waiting before upgrading – cool though Apple Intelligence is likely to be – until Apple releases a .1 version.

Running the latest version of macOS pales in comparison to running into a bug that prevents you from getting work done. Patience is a virtue.


Here are two explanations of Apple Intelligence

This is a list of computers that will support Apple Intelligence

Click to see larger image. Courtesy of Apple Inc.

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6 Responses to Apple Introduces macOS Sequoia – Now What?

  1. Mike Janowski says:

    “Apple Intelligence”…HA!

    Get ready for some true hilarity ensuing, as Apple’s OS insists it knows how to better run your computer than you do!

    • Larry Jordan says:


      Perhaps. But I’m impressed that Apple is running their ai locally as much as possible, opening the security code to outside experts, and not launching some features for over a year, rather than releasing them in a half baked form as soon as they leave the lab.

      Unlike the rest of the industry, Apple seems to be giving ai some serious thought.


  2. Paul says:

    Speaking of upgrading. Fair to say it’s safe to update to Sonoma? I’ve held back but the reminders keep coming. Will all our software play nice by now?

  3. It’s interesting that with MacBooks, iMac and even MacMini M1 versions are supported, but MacStudio needs M1 Max?????
    Looks like I’ll be upgrading my MacStudio

    • Larry says:


      Good catch, but I think this is a typo on Apple’s part. Contact support before you spend the money to upgrade.


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