10 Apple Motion Keyboard Shortcuts I Wish I Knew Then

Over the last four weeks, I presented a series of webinars on Apple Motion. During that time, there were several features in Motion that I thought could only be done with a mouse. And it drove me nuts, because I kept wanting “a better way!”

There was. And, naturally, I found it AFTER my webinar series was complete. Sigh…

Here are ten keyboard shortcuts that make Motion a whole lot easier to use – and ones I wish I knew a month ago. These all apply to the Layers panel.

Shortcut What It Does
Shift + Cmd + N Create a new group
Cmd + ] Raise the selected element or group up one level
Cmd + [ Lower the selected elements or group down one level
Shift + Cmd + G Place selected Layers panel elements into a new group
Shift + F Display the selected element in the Media panel
Control + L Lock or unlock an element
Control + D Toggle a group between 2D and 3D
Control + T Make selected element visible or invisible
Control + S Solo the selected elements
Up/Down Arrow Move selection up ordown in the Layers panel

The shortcuts to move elements and groups up and down is one I’ve wanted for a long time.

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3 Responses to 10 Apple Motion Keyboard Shortcuts I Wish I Knew Then

  1. Mervin Scrooby says:

    Thank you Larry. Awesome.

  2. Alastair L says:

    one of the worst things about using the cursor to do things is the annoying (legacy) device called a mouse. get a cheap tablet, doesn’t need to be fancy Wacom, but the bigger your screen(s) the more a wider tablet comes in handy.

    • Larry says:


      Sigh… I have NEVER liked tablets – way less precise than a mouse. (Then, again, I also have terrible handwriting…)

      Each to their own.


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