“I love listening to @LarryJordanFCP FCPX tutorials on @YouTube. Combining easy to follow advice and info with genuine chuckles!”
Stacie Bennett, Videographer

“I am a complete newbie to video editing and I learned so much from Larry’s wealth of knowledge. He presents things in such a way that anyone can figure it out and I also love his sense of humor!”
Nick Ferry, Editor

Larry’s videos are easy to follow and make editing more fun, not something to be afraid of. I find working inside of Motion and Final Cut Pro X to be much easier not to mention more efficient!
StudioDailies, Filmmaker

Larry Jordan is the King of Final Cut Pro! BIG thanks for his easy tutorials and straightforward information on how to master FCP. Always looking forward to his next training/tutorial!
Ron Tyler, Executive Producer, A.F. Productions

Larry’s videos are my staple for everything that has to do with video editing.
Jonathan Prada, Independent Producer/Editor

“Thank you @LarryJordanFCP for all your on-line tips, brevity and simplicity. Best #fcpx teacher”
Jenn Moxley, Documentarian

“While making the transition to #FCPX, tutorials from @LarryJordanFCP have been more than vital.”
Wind-Up World Films, Production Firm

About to favorite yet ANOTHER @LarryJordanFCP post. The man just can’t stop the good tips/tricks/insights.”
CTRL+Console, Design Firm

“I was surprised when a keyboard shortcut no longer worked on #FCPX, but not surprised when @LarryJordanFCP had the answer!”
Simon Malcolm, Video Producer

I just completed the Final Cut Pro exam, and am moving on to the trainer level test, but I wouldn’t have gotten there if I weren’t able to access Larry Jordan’s incredible Final Cut Pro X training.  The detail he offers is amazing, and useful far beyond the test.  Larry’s training is the best!
Meagan Margaret Thomas, Editor

If you required brain surgery, you would seek the best surgeon possible. Larry is just that surgeon when it comes to any FCP X issue you may encounter.”
Henry Goren, Rat-Lung Pictures

Larry transmits complex ideas and concepts in an efficient and interesting manner. On top of that, God gave him a good announcing voice. Anyone getting into FCP for the first time or upgrading to 10.1 will benefit from his dissertations. Pour a cup of coffee and sit back for a quarter hour in the morning. It’s a good way to start out the day.
Brian Fitzgerald, FitzVideo.com

“Every time I search for an answer for my Final Cut woes, Larry Jordan’s always there. It’s been this way for years now.”
Oscar Bucher, Writer/Director

“I appreciate I’m slightly over halfway through Larry’s newest training videos. I watch each video three times before proceeding. They are his very finest work — and that’s saying a great deal. I appreciate people of extraordinary ability. Thanks for making everything you do shine with excellence. I’m one of the many beneficiaries. ”
David Mills, Author

“When I have a problem or forget how to do something I can rest easy in knowing Larry’s answer is just a few clicks away.”
Shawn Wright, Editor