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For Final Cut Pro training, editing techniques, online training, or Final Cut Pro classes, Larry Jordan has what you need as an editor and filmmaker.

Larry’s goal is to help you master the software quickly and easily so you can get on to more important things, like making a living, completing projects, and rediscovering the faces of your family.

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“As a subscriber to Larry’s website, I’ll tell you firsthand that he’s the smartest and most helpful trainer in the business today.”
David Mills


Apple refers editors to Larry as a resource in Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor.


Larry’s Final Cut Pro X tutorials are used by thousands of editors, from beginners to professionals, in over 150 countries around the world. In fact, here’s a video of his recent appearance in London at Broadcast Video Expo talking about Final Cut Pro X.


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Larry hasn’t just read the book, he’s written the book on Final Cut Pro X – Final Cut Pro X: Making the Transition recently published by Peachpit Press and available on Amazon.Want to learn more? Check out Larry’s Final Cut Pro X tutorials in his FREE weekly Final Cut Pro Newsletter. This is the oldest published newsletter on Final Cut Pro in the world. Each issue is filled with tips, step-by-step techniques, even video tutorials to help you learn what you need to know now.


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The 5 keys to a great Final Cut Pro X tutorial

Larry is the trainer who delivers great Final Cut Pro X tutorials. Plus, his voice is pretty nice to listen to, too. Larry can show you how to edit faster, edit better, and edit smarter.

“Love your tutorial, clear and to the point! Not a second is wasted in your clips.”
divolino on YouTube

“Larry’s ‘my go-to guy when I’ve got a problem or need to learn a new tool.”
@rachelfinder on Twitter

Have you asked yourself?

If you’ve asked yourself these, or other, questions, you’ve found the guy with the answers – Larry Jordan. Larry has created video training, written articles, and conducted seminars specifically to answer these questions.


Why does Larry offer the best Final Cut Pro X tutorials?

Larry’s are the best because:

  1. Larry paces the material so you can learn.
  2. Larry shows you more than one way to perform a task.
  3. Larry brings a rounded perspective on the art of filmmaking to every training session.

That’s not just our opinion. Check out this index of articles by Larry Jordan available via Post Magazine

“Thanks so much for all you do. No one does production, post, and distribution as well as Larry Jordan.”
Jerry Thompson, Big Dog Films

Need Final Cut Pro X tutorials that teach you editing techniques?

Every one of Larry’s Final Cut Pro X tutorials teaches you the editing techniques you need to edit faster, edit smarter, and stay current with today’s rapidly changing technology.

Want to see short Final Cut Pro X tutorial videos?

Check out Larry’s YouTube channel and see almost 300 videos on virtually every subject in video post-production. See what more than 500,000 viewers have already learned: If you want to learn something new really qickly and really well, watch Larry Jordan.

Do you prefer to read a Final Cut Pro X tutorial?

Larry has a vast editing library of Final Cut Pro tutorial articles with over 100 articles specifically about Final Cut Pro X.

In Larry’s step-by-step tutorials, learn:

These Final Cut Pro X tutorials, and much more, are yours with one click.

As a digital media analyst and expert on all things Final Cut, Larry can be found on sites as diverse as & Live Specials and All The Pixels Fit To Print

“Terrific tutorial; very thorough and easy to follow. Thank you!”
AudioGirlProductions on YouTube


Have you found other Final Cut Pro X tutorials frustrating?

Larry Jordan’s proven techniques to show you WHY you do something, not just how to do it make for the easiest, most fulfilling learning experience you’ll ever have.

“Your videos are absolutely fantastic, Larry. Thanks a lot for doing this. I’m intrigued by Final Cut Pro X, and your videos help a lot.”
stubsound, YouTube

Are you new to editing?

Larry’s Final Cut Pro X tutorials are right for you.

“Your Final Cut Pro X tutorials are very helpful for even a very beginner like me!”
bobbutnot‬‬‬ on YouTube‬‬‬

What happens when Final Cut Pro X is updated?

Larry updates his training to keep you current. Whether you depend on in-depth video training, or the latest articles, you’ll always be up-to-date with Larry’s Final Cut Pro training.

Got a Final Cut Pro X question you need answered?

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Matt Hoyt, Wormwood Films

When you learn from Larry you’re learning from a guy who knows what you need to know.

As a member of both the Directors Guild of American and the Producers Guild of America he’s got the kind of filmmaking bone fides you want. He’s produced, directed, and edited video since the dawn of time. Okay, maybe not that long, but he remembers when 2-inch video tape was new.

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