350: Audio Techniques in Final Cut Pro

350: Audio Techniques in Final Cut Pro


This session illustrates how to work with audio in Apple Final Cut Pro. Hosted by Larry Jordan, this detailed online training starts with basic editing and audio levels, then moves into advanced features such as auditions, double-system sync, audio roles and effects.

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Presented: May 10, 2023

Several times each month, Larry Jordan presents a live, on-line, video webinar presenting issues related to video editing and post-production. For a list of upcoming webinars, click here.

Duration: 1:05:09
Download file size: 1.5 GB (ZIP file)
Format: QuickTime movie (HD: 1600 x 900)

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This session illustrates how to work with audio in Apple Final Cut Pro. Hosted by Larry Jordan, this detailed online training covers:

  • Key audio terms
  • Audio preferences and Browser settings
  • How to edit and trim audio clips, including split edits and transitions
  • How to determine and measure audio levels
  • How to repair audio and use voice isolation to clean dialog
  • How to work with double-system and multi-channel audio
  • How to create Auditions
  • How to use the Audio Inspector and two key audio effects
  • How to create stems using compound clips
  • How to use Roles

Audio is a huge part of any project. But, all too often, we ignore audio to concentrate on the image – only to discover that much of the magic and power is missing.

This session will help you make your projects sound great!


This intermediate-level session assumes a basic familiarity with Final Cut Pro, though even new users will benefit.


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  • Welcome!
  • – Agenda
  • Define Key Terms
  • – Human Hearing
  • – Frequency response
  • – Sample rate
  • – Audio file formats
  • – Audio file types
  • – FCP Import/Export
  • – Keyframes
  • Audio Levels
  • – Measure audio levels
  • – Audio meter types
  • – Levels: Recording
  • – Levels: Timeline
  • – Levels: Export
  • – Two big cautions!
  • Preference Settings
  • – Browser settings
  • – Editing preferences
  • – Import preferences
  • – iXML illustration
  • Edit & Trim Audio
  • – Separate audio
  • – Trim audio
  • – Create split edit
  • Set Audio Levels
  • – Keyframes
  • – Enable audio meters
  • – Use Range tool for keyframes
  • Audio Repair
  • – Match audio
  • – Remove Hum
  • – Voice isolation
  • Double-System Sound
  • Audio Auditions
  • Multi-channel Audio
  • – Clip shortcuts
  • – Transitions
  • – Limiter effect
  • – Fat EQ effect
  • Roles & Stems
  • – Definitions
  • – How Roles work
  • – Export XML for mixing
  • Summary