277: Productions & Collaboration in Adobe Premiere Pro

277: Productions & Collaboration in Adobe Premiere Pro


Productions provides an entirely new way for editors to organize and collaborate across multiple projects using Premiere. Productions are a big deal – in this session Larry Jordan shows you how they work.

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Presented: April 29, 2020

Several times each month, Larry Jordan presents a live, on-line, video training webinar discussing issues related to video editing and post-production. For a list of upcoming webinars, click here.

Duration: 36:06
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The key new feature in the April, 2020, update to Adobe Premiere Pro is Productions. This provides an entirely new way for editors to organize and collaborate across multiple projects using Premiere. It’s a big new feature, with lots to learn.

Join Larry Jordan as he goes deep into Productions, along with other new features, to show you how they work, what to learn, and what to avoid:

  • How to create a Productions folder
  • How to configure Premiere preferences
  • How to organize your projects for Productions
  • How to work with multiple editors
  • How to control who has access to what.

In addition, Larry illustrates a very fast round-trip between Premiere and Adobe Audition that allows you to use all the audio power in Audition for your Premiere projects – without wasting time or creating unnecessary files.

Productions are a big deal – this session shows you how they work.


This is an intermediate-level session. Some knowledge of Premiere Pro CC will be helpful to make the most of this session. This is delivered as a QuickTime movie, no other software is required to view this presentation.


To help you quickly find the information you need, we include chapter markers in the QuickTime download  to simplify navigation. Click here to learn how to display them in your download.


  • Welcome
  • – Agenda
  • Overview of Team Projects
  • Productions
  • – Overview
  • – New clip references
  • Demo
  • – Create a Productions folder
  • – Add Productions folder to Premiere
  • – Change Premiere preferences
  • – Add a new production
  • – Switch between productions
  • – Production organization
  • – Display productions in the interface
  • – Lock/Unlock projects
  • – Illustrate what read-only means
  • – What determines project ownership
  • – New organization options
  • – Create a new project
  • – Add a project to a production
  • – Add existing projects
  • – Change production settings
  • – Shared render files
  • – Auto-Save folder
  • – Open projects read-only
  • – Trash production projects
  • – Refresh projects
  • – Close a production
  • – Save vs. Save All
  • – Production Questions
  • Issues with Productions
  • Other New Features
  • Round-trip audio to Audition
  • – Export from Premiere
  • – Mix in Audition
  • – Send back mix to Premiere
  • Two more new Audition features
  • Summary