266: Better Workflow in Apple Final Cut Pro X

266: Better Workflow in Apple Final Cut Pro X


If you are looking to solve problems, work faster, or simply position yourself for the future, this webinar, hosted by Larry Jordan, is for you.

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Presented: Nov. 15, 2018

Several times each month, Larry Jordan presents a live, on-line, video training webinar discussing issues related to video editing and post-production. For a list of upcoming webinars, click here.

Duration: 51:34
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This week we look at workflow techniques for Apple Final Cut Pro X.

Recently, when I asked readers for webinar suggestions, at the top of the list, far above second place, were requests for help in understanding workflow. So, that’s what we’ll be doing this week.

This session includes:

  • Media Management
  • File Naming
  • Media Asset Management software
  • Tagging and metadata
  • Efficient Timeline tricks
  • Proxy workflows
  • Compound clips and storylines
  • And more

Hosted by Larry Jordan, if you are looking to solve problems, work faster, or simply position yourself for the future, this webinar is for you.


This intermediate-level session is designed for editors with some experience with Apple Final Cut Pro X. This session is delivered as a QuickTime movie, no other software is required to watch this session.


To help you quickly find the information you need, we included chapter markers in the downloaded QuickTime movie for easy navigation. Click here to learn how to display them in your download.


  • Welcome
  • – Define: Workflow
  • – Typical questions
  • – Cool Workflow Tools
  • – Why use a workflow?
  • Software Showcase
  • – Final Cut Library Manager
  • – Pro Media Tools
  • – KeyFlow Pro
  • – Kyno
  • – Axle.ai
  • Organizing Clips
  • – An editing workflow
  • – Media organization workflow
  • – Automatic keywords
  • – File naming convention
  • – Media import settings
  • – Add manual keywords
  • – Change file names
  • – Add additional metadata
  • – Create Favorites / Rejected
  • – Display used clips
  • – Keyword search
  • – Saved searches
  • Timeline Tricks
  • – Keyboard shortcuts
  • – Moving clips
  • Other Cool Tips
  • – Proxy workflow
  • – Compound clips
  • – Connected Storyline
  • Audience Questions
  • Summary