Tip Of The Day

Make Your Project Broadcast Safe

An Easy Way to Edit Your Entire Project for Broadcast

Software: Apple FCP X

In FCPX, there’s an option in the Effects Window on the upper right-side of the Timeline that allows you to drag a Broadcast Safe effect onto any clip needed. But most of the time, you need your entire project to be broadcast safe, not just one clip.

To avoid having to drag and drop a Broadcast Safe effect on top of each individual clip within your project, add an adjustment layer over your entire project, then drag and drop the Broadcast Safe effect onto the adjustment layer. (To find out how to make an adjustment layer for FCPX, read Larry’s article at http://www.larryjordan.biz/fcp-x-create-an-adjustment-layer/). This cuts out a lot of tedious work on your end, saving precious time that can always be taken advantage of when editing.