Final Cut Pro Training Videos – What to Look For

Whether you’re new to video editing or an industry pro, you can easily gain new skills and improve your overall ability with the help of some good Final Cut Pro training videos – but you have to know what to look for.

Two Clips With Car On A Ramp & Gentleman In Professional Adobe Video EditingThese days, anybody can claim to be a Final Cut expert, but if they don’t have the experience or knowledge to back it up, then you could end up wasting your time (and money) on useless tutorials. A quick Google search for “final cut pro training videos” turns up thousands of results, but you’ll notice that a large majority of them don’t offer the kind of valuable training you’re probably looking for.

So, how do you know which videos to choose? Use the questions below as a simple guide to identifying the best training on the web, perfectly matched for your skills and experience.

Selecting the Best Final Cut Pro Training Videos

– What type of training is available?
It should only take you a minute to see if a website offers the Final Cut training videos you are looking for. Whether you’re searching for workflow techniques, effects training, dealing with still images, paths, mattes, masking, or simply the fundamentals of Final Cut, you must make sure the videos offer the specific type of instruction you need.

– Single techniques or complete training?
If you’re only hoping to learn a single feature or technique, then don’t waste your time on more comprehensive training videos. Similarly, if you need a complete course (or a refresher) on Final Cut, then look for a single complete training video course, rather than spending money on several individual tutorials. A good site will offer both options to fit the needs of many different students.

– Who is the instructor?
Do they have any credentials? What authority do they have on the Final Cut Pro software? How long have they been instructing? Do they have professional video editing experience? The answers to these questions will help you determine if the person behind the videos is truly a pro who can help you enhance your skills.

– How many videos are there?
This one is important – not because you’ll watch every video offered, but because it demonstrates the ability of the instructor and his commitment to helping others master the software. A site with many different Final Cut Pro training videos is typically a good sign that there is a wide range of classes for both beginners and advanced students – taught by someone who clearly knows the program, inside and out.

Showing Orange Car Ramp During Adobe Video Editing Sequence– How often are new videos released?
Make sure that the videos focus on the latest versions of the software, so that there’s no confusion about various features or techniques. If the site doesn’t release new videos on a regular basis, then chances are the training is old and outdated.

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