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Using HDR Media

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ADOBE PREMIERE: THURSDAY, 9:00 AM, July 25, 2019

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High-Dynamic Range (HDR), RAW, sLog, HDR, 10-bit, 12-bit…

What are all these different video formats and how do you work with them in Premiere? It’s easy to get confused.

I’ve been asking myself these same questions. So, I created this session specifically to answer these question for Premiere.

I’m working with a variety of media – RED RAW, Panasonic vLog, Blackmagic RAW and ProRes HQ – to experiment for myself and share what I’ve learned. My goals for these sessions are to explain:

  • What HDR and log formats are
  • How to pick the right format for your next project
  • How to color grade HDR footage
  • How to work with them in Premiere Pro CC

If you’ve wanted to learn more about these formats, or have been working with them for a while and have questions, come join us!


This is an advanced-level session. Some knowledge of video formats in general and Premiere will be helpful – though not required – to make the most of this session. All you need to watch is a web browser.

NOTE: We recommend you use either Safari or Chrome to view this webinar. Firefox seems to have problems playing audio.

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