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Wednesday —  9:00 AM — June 16, 2021
Wednesday — 12:00 PM — June 16, 2021

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Fonts are the easiest way to telegraph an emotion – and they don’t require any design skills from us. If our goal is to tell stories, the best stories touch our emotions. And the right fonts help. Yet, all too often, we overlook this power because we don’t understand how it works.

In this session, Larry Jordan looks at the different emotions typefaces project, how to pick the right font for your project and a variety of techniques to help you work with fonts more effectively. Whether you work in video or motion graphics, fonts are a powerful tool you can use to trigger an emotional response in your audience.

This session covers:

  • How to pick fonts for emotional response
  • The differences between font families
  • Examples of bad typography
  • Examples of good and bad font formatting and use

Fonts span languages, emotions and applications. Discover how to put their power to work for you.

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This entry-level session does not require any software knowledge and applies equally to anyone using fonts in any application on Windows or Mac. All you need to watch a live session is a web browser.

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