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Exploring Visual Literacy

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THURSDAY, 9:30 AM, June 6, 2019

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In a world where videos move millions and a picture is more powerful – and popular – than the written word, a key survival skill is how well you communicate visually. Visual communication and storytelling are now essential skills in this digital age.

From creating images to posting videos on YouTube, your ability to effectively communicate your ideas depends, in large part, on your ability to master visual communication.

In this webinar, discover the hidden tools and techniques of visual communication and how to use them to influence and persuade others.

The agenda for this workshop is still in development – this post will be updated closer to the date of presentation.


This is a beginning-level course, designed for anyone that wants to learn more about creating visual images. This is not about particular software tools, but the results you create with those tools. This session is delivered via a web browser, you don’t need any other software to watch this session.

NOTE: We recommend you use either Safari or Chrome to view this webinar. Firefox seems to have problems playing audio.

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