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Recover Legacy Media Using Kyno

With the release of macOS Mojave and continuing into Catalina and Big Sur, older media codecs are no longer supported, nor displayed. Here’s a simple technique to find and transcode outdated files using Kyno.

New! Copy Projects & Libraries Faster in Final Cut Pro X

New with the 10.5 update to Apple Final Cut Pro X is the ability to copy libraries, events and projects and, if necessary, create proxy media while all project media is being copied. This simplifies creating projects to share between editors.

A Caution on Measuring Storage Speed

Storage speeds vary widely. Here’s a tip to measuring them accurately.

10 Filmmaking Tips from Spike Lee

I first saw these 10 inspirational filmmaking tips from Spike Lee posted to I don’t know who compiled them, but I thought they were deeply insightful. and worth sharing with you.

Apple Releases macOS 11 – Big Sur

Media professionals should wait on upgrading any mission-critical systems to Big Sur until there’s time for developers to test and upgrade their software.

Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X, Motion & Compressor (Nov. 2020)

Today, Apple updated Final Cut Pro X (10.5), Motion (5.5.) and Compressor (4.5) to support new computers with Apple silicon, along with a variety of bug fixes. Here’s the list.

First Look: Accusonus ERA 5 Audio Plug-in Bundle

accusonus believes that audio effects can be both powerful and easy to use. Supporting all major editing software, the ERA 5 bundle includes 13 plug-ins to fix common audio problems. Here’s a first look at what’s inside.

Find, Categorize and Convert Older Media Codecs [v]

Technology constantly changes, but older codecs and media don’t. What do you do if you can’t play older media in macOS Catalina or Big Sur? Watch as Larry Jordan shows how to use Kyno to potentially find and convert older media.

Apple Motion Effects: Light Saber Burns [v]

In this Apple Motion tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how to create a burning effect using particles, blend modes and the world’s most amazing light saber.

Repair and Maintain Your Mac Using Recovery Mode [v]

In the past, we would use Safe Boot to repair and maintain our Macs. But that was then. Today, we need to use Recovery Mode. In this short video, Larry Jordan shows what you need to know to keep your Mac running right.

Verify Your Audio Levels Meet Spec Using Adobe Audition [v]

When you need to KNOW that your audio meets the technical spec, neither Premiere nor Final Cut can help. But Adobe Audition can. Watch as Larry Jordan shows how to use amplitude statistics to make sure your audio has the right levels and is distortion-free.

Import Chapter Markers into Compressor

I first wrote this article to work-around a bug in Final Cut Pro X. But, Apple fixed the bug. Now, this is a step-by-step guide to importing chapter markers into Apple Compressor, which is useful for media created outside of Final Cut Pro X.

A Final Cut Pro X Library is a Collection of Stuff

Final Cut Libraries store stuff. But how that stuff is organized is up to you. Here are a variety of thoughts on working with libraries in Apple Final Cut Pro X.

What Is Thunderbolt 4 and Should We Care?

Thunderbolt 4 is already on the market – and it isn’t what you expect. What does it mean for Mac and PC users? Is our Thunderbolt 3 gear out-of-date? Larry Jordan interviews Larry O’Connor, Founder/CEO of OWC, a leading Thunderbolt manufacturer, to learn more.

Speed Your RAID: How RPM and Journaling Affect RAID Storage

After testing, a 7200 RPM RAID is about 30% faster than a 5400 RPM RAID. Also, journaling makes a difference. When speed is important, here’s what you need to know.

Product Review: DiskWarrior, by Alsoft – Disk Repair and Optimization

Disk Warrior is an essential Mac-based trouble-shooting, repair and optimization tool for any Mac system accessing spinning hard drives. I’ve used it for years and continue to highly recommend it.

New Features in Adobe Premiere Pro (Oct. 2020)

Here’s a summary of the new features introduced at Adobe MAX (Oct. 2020) for Adobe Premiere Pro, with a link for more details.

Product Review: OWC Thunderbolt 3 10G Ethernet Adapter [u]

Easy to connect, easy to use and extremely well-built. The OWC Thunderbolt 3 10G Ethernet Adapter works exactly as you would expect. And what higher praise is there?

Add Effects to a Multicam Sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro [v]

In this video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how to add effects to a multicam sequence for both single clips and an entire track in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Use Different Frame Sizes in an Adobe Premiere Pro Multicam Clip [v]

In this video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how to create a multicam sequence using video clips with different frame sizes in Adobe Premiere Pro.