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Create ProRes Settings in Adobe Media Encoder

How to create ProRes transcoding settings in Adobe Media Encoder – both old and new versions.

“You Canna Change the Laws of Physics!”

An explanation of how the speed of light limits how fast a computer CPU can go. This is VERY cool, even if you don’t understand tech!

Premiere Pro CC: Can You Export Faster?

A detailed look at the speed differences in exporting different versions of ProRes from Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019. Which should you use to save time?

Final Cut Pro X: Can You Render Faster?

A detailed look at the speed differences in rendering different versions of ProRes in Apple Final Cut Pro X. Which should you use to save time?

FCP X: Understand Audio Clip Options

A few days ago, Jay sent me a question: “Do you have a video where you cover the difference between ‘expand audio’ & ‘expand audio components?’ And also ‘detach audio’ and ‘break apart clip items?’” I checked and I didn’t. …

Audition CC: Magic Hides Inside the Record Button

An illustrated guide to using the new Punch and Roll feature to record audio ranges in Adobe Audition CC (2019).

Change Your Movie’s Poster Frame

An illustrated tutorial on how to create a new poster frame for most movies using the Finder and Apple Compressor.

How Much of Your CPU Does 4K Media Use?

An illustrated tutorial explaining how much of your CPU is needed to playback or render 4K media using Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Product Review: OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD Upgrade Kit

A product review of the new OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD, designed as a replacement SSD for MacBook laptops. This illustrated review looks at the results of installing it into an older 2013 MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Final Cut Pro X: Fun With Generators

An illustrated tutorial on how to use and modify Generators in Apple Final Cut Pro X.

Product Review: A Better Way to Rename Files

An illustrated review of Better Rename 10, a utility that renames files, developed by

How to Auto-Duck Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

A detailed, illustrated explanation of how to use Auto-ducking for both Ambience and Music in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. (New with the Spring 2019 update)

First Look: ERA Bundle from Accusonus [u]

An illustrated look at new audio repair plugins from Accusonus for Apple Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Audition CC, ProTools and many others called: ERA Bundle.

NEW! Freeform View in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (April, 2019)

An illustrated tutorial on how to use the new Freeform view display option in the April, 2019, update to Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

New, Small-but-Powerful Features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (April, 2019)

An illustrated look at some of the lesser-known, but still powerful, features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC released in the April, 2019, update.

ftrack Review Released

track Review, a Cloud-based review and approval platform, is released. Here are the details.

Avid Moves to The Cloud – with Bebop

Avid moves its media creation tools to The Cloud in partnership with Bebop Technology. Here are the details on this annoucement.

ProRes RAW Expands Its Reach

Significant announcements from Filmlight, Assimilate, Telestream, ColorFront, MTI Film and Grass Valley support Apple ProRes RAW.

Adobe Updates Its Media Applications [u]

Illustrated details on Adobe’s latest updates (April 3, 2019) to Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Audition CC and Character Animator.

Measure Your System’s Performance

An illustrated guide to free software tools you can use to measure the performance of your computer system, with a focus on video editing.